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Ep16 LimeSurvey and being dealt a shitty day

By |  Nov 6, 2019  | fediverse, yunohost, limesurvey
Download Mp3 Big update since the recording! new contact email is News Massive exodus of India’s Twitter moved to Mastodon - This is a bull shit quote from the article. >While many have hailed Mastodon as a great alternative to Twitter, some have pointed out that its not as easy to use, which means its unlikely that Mastodon is going to take over - even in the long term.
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TSHP-Ep15 This is some scary s**t

By |  Nov 1, 2019  | fedinews, linux, yunohost
Download Mp3 News Links Yunohost 3.7 Testing asking for feedback We just released a new testing version for YunoHost and would be happy to receive feedback before releasing it as a stable version :yum: This release includes quite important changes in YunoHost’s internal, and therefore requires careful validation to minimize the amount of remaining bugs. Major changes are: - Group and permission mechanism Improvements to detect app installs that broke critical parts of the system.
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Ep12 Hubzilla and More News

By Unkle Bonehead |  Oct 11, 2019  | hubzilla, yunohost
Download untracked Mp3 here There is a video that I recorded for this to show Hubzilla. I will post it tomarrow in it’s own post. Preroll Quick bit of news and then we play with Hubzilla. Right here on episode 12 of The Self Hosted Podcast! Housekeeping Yunohost has been upgraded to along with Yunohost Admin panel. It is now at 3.6.5. Nextcloud-ynh has also been updated to 15.
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Now With Less Google

By |  Jul 1, 2019  | yunohost
Hopefully by the end of the week I will be 100% Google free. The only exception is on my phone. I am no longer using gmail except for a couple of login that I need to change and am working on porting all my emails over to my new email. Im also switching to the News app on Nextcloud for my rss reader and am deciding on whether or not I want to use Nextclouds Music app for my music library.
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