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Taking the Plunge on Full

By |  Oct 13, 2019  | blog, fediverse, hubzilla
Hubzilla hour 36 update Well it’s been just over 36 hrs I’ve been on Hubzilla and I really do still like it. Wait, I love it! I like it so much that I am considering take the full on plunge and going in up to my neck in it. I want to get into exeriencing the full effect with the webpages app and build a site out of it. Just to see what I can do with my measley coding skills.
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TSHV-Ep7 TSHP Cross Post Hubzilla

By |  Oct 13, 2019  | hubzilla
As promised yesterday I said I would post this today. Well here it is. I recorded this episode while recording TSHP Ep12. I did this so you can actually see with your own eyes Hubzilla. In my own humble and honest opinion it is probably the most powerful app on the fediverse. - It can interact with Ostatus, ActivityPup, Freindica, diaspora and just about anything out there. It has apps out the wazoo for you to do anything with.
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Ep12 Hubzilla and More News

By Unkle Bonehead |  Oct 11, 2019  | hubzilla, yunohost
Download untracked Mp3 here There is a video that I recorded for this to show Hubzilla. I will post it tomarrow in it’s own post. Preroll Quick bit of news and then we play with Hubzilla. Right here on episode 12 of The Self Hosted Podcast! Housekeeping Yunohost has been upgraded to along with Yunohost Admin panel. It is now at 3.6.5. Nextcloud-ynh has also been updated to 15.
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