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Ep25 Funkwhale wants your feedback, Loving Lbry and stay at Sociahome

Funkwhale Podcasting Test Group NTROradio I feel a home at Socialhome My channel I have 4 channels on Lbry These are a combination of audio/video and text.

Ep24 Exodus and Lbry

Download Mp3 Pre-Roll We are saying No to Chrome, talking about Exodus, not the book in the bible. and Lbry here in episode 24 of The Self Hosted Podcast!

Ep23 Why OpenSource is so cool!

Download Mp3 What is it that makes opensource software so cool? What makes it work so well that the vast majority of the interwebs runs on it?

Ep21 Azuracast, IPFS and Data Detox Kit

Download Mp3 Its a new year and now is the perfect time for you to make the commitment to protecting yourself, your privacy and your data.

Ep18 LollipopCloud and Funkwhale Podcasters Group

Download Mp3 Email me at **This episode is brought to you by LollipopCloud Housekeeping @Naschbarschaft on Mastodon alerted me to mp3 enclosures were not in the rss feed for Bonehead Media.

TSHP-Ep-17 Epic News

Download Mp3 This episode is brought to you by NixNet where freedom is served with a slice of liberty. Pre Roll Recording on the run, a whole bunch of super exciting news in the Fediverse and a whole lot more coming up on episode 17 of The Self Hosted Podcast!