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If you would like to support me you can find the links at the bottom of the site. But I would rather you support someone on this growing list below. They can use your help way more than I need it. Just you taking the time out of your day to listen and visit my site helps me more than you know.

Ibby Dot Blog

You can support him through Librepay | Paypal and even UK bank transfer!

Ginny McQueen

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She is a writer/consultant from a tiny town in PA, USA, currently expatting in Europe for reasons I wont go into here. Lets just suffice it to say that humans can be the most vile, filthy and disgusting things ever and sometimes I wonder if we are devolving instead of evolving. She is an excellent writer and also a contributor to Funkwhale.

Ella K.,Cyberpunk Goddess aka Eloisa & them Seagulls

Amazon wishlist in Spanish | Amazon wishlist in English

A 34 yr old unemployed person with Multiple Sclerosis among other things. She used to have a Paypal tip jar but they blocked it for some stupid reason. So if you can please go and get something off of her wishlist on Amazon. These are items that she needs mostly for her health. But there are some things that she just cant afford anymore. The reason for two lists is the one in spanish costs less since it wont involve extra costs with shipping and customs fees. The USA one is for those who have problems with the .es one. She says if you can and want to help please do, but only if you can afford it. Incidently she is also the organizer of #wearenameless where a group gets together online and watches old sci-fi movies as well as the LollipopCloud’s Community Manager.

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