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Social Networks
Mastodon - - This is my current favorite! I check it multiple times a day.

Peertube - COMING SOON! Videos are coming from Youtube. I appologize.***

Twitter - @MediaBonehead - I rarely use this already and will be deleting it.

Twitter - @break19podcast - I do run this but again I dont log in to Twitter anymore

Facebook - /unklebonehead - I dispise this and never check it for anything outside of family.

Instagram - @unkle_fricking_bonehead - I post funny videos. At least I think they are funny. And this is going to be replaced with Pixelfed very soon!

Youtube - @unklebonehead1 - Yep, hate this too unless I'm looking for a tutorial

Minds - @RyanRide - I like the idea of this but find it boring.

Soundcloud - @Unkle Bonehead - Some of my homemade music. Again this will be replace soon by Reel2bits