I'm a truck driving, guitar playing, podcasting dad that loves keeping it FOSS. I use Linux to produce my music and podcasts. I'm currently producing 2 podcasts with a 3rd one coming soon. I'm the host of The Self Hosted Podcast, The Self Hosted Vidcast, co host of Break19 Podcast. My former shows were NTROradio, TruckinNutz, Local Loud & Proud and The Unkle Bonehead Show. I've been hosting all of this content through my home server and the shows and website traffic have grown to such a large extent that my little home server will not support it much longer. I am in need of a serious upgrade of the server.  I'm asking you to please donate to Bonehead Media if you can through either Librepay or Ko-fi. (Links are below this video). I'm looking at only asking for $60 for a years worth of hosting at Hetzner. After I reach the $60 mark for the year everything donated after that I will donate to an open source project that is voted on by you, the listeners. If you dont see the link for Librepay try disabling Privacy Badger. 

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