As promised yesterday

I said I would post this today. Well here it is. I recorded this episode while recording TSHP Ep12. I did this so you can actually see with your own eyes Hubzilla. In my own humble and honest opinion it is probably the most powerful app on the fediverse. - It can interact with Ostatus, ActivityPup, Freindica, diaspora and just about anything out there.

  • It has apps out the wazoo for you to do anything with.

  • Webpages app so you can even turn your channel into a website. Labonneheure is a great example. You wouldnt even know it was a Hubzilla channel if your werent told!

-Your own chatroom, forums, etc

  • Nomadic identity. That means you can clone your channel on many different instances across the web and they will all share your posts. So if one instance goes down the others wont be effected! Just log into one of the clones and all is right in your world of the internet.

Honestly my mind is literally blown. The only 2 downsides I personally have with it is that on my LGG6 the mobile app called “Nomad” seems a little slow and clunky. That may be just be my phone too. The other is there is no desktop app. I for one would love a desktop app and think it would have more adoption if it did. But with as much as Hubzilla already does it would probably be a huge undertaking to get one built.

Check it out and follow me on it. You dont have to be on Hubzilla to follow me. If you are on Mastodon, Pleroma or anything that follows ActivityPup, diaspora or Freindica just follow