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Yunohost 3.7 Testing asking for feedback

We just released a new testing version for YunoHost and would be happy to receive feedback before releasing it as a stable version :yum:

This release includes quite important changes in YunoHost’s internal, and therefore requires careful validation to minimize the amount of remaining bugs.

Major changes are: - Group and permission mechanism

  • Improvements to detect app installs that broke critical parts of the system.

  • Scarier wornings for dangerous app installs

  • Message imporvement, string cleaning and a language rework

  • Removing etckeeper

  • Improved translations for Cataln, Occitan, French, Esperanto, Arabic, German, Spanish, Norwegian Bokmal, Portuguese and Swedish.


Tor - New campaign, Take back the internet

  • BTW I am considering putting up a tor version of Bonehea Media. What do you think?

Pine64 announces round 2 of pre orders for the Pinebook Pro on 2019-11-05 if anybody is interested in buying me one I would graciously accept it! The original $99 Pinebook will take orders in early 2020.

Want some free swag? November is LibreOffice month!

Some Scary Ass Headlines!

Null Byte - Finding passwords in log files with Google Dorks

Redhat - 3 ways to reduce your attack surface on Linux - Install less software

  • Identify open ports

  • disable services

Hacker News - 5 places where hackers are stealing your data

  • Cloud storage

  • Dark web

  • Abandoned and Unprotected websites

  • Mobile apps backends

  • Public code repos

Hacker News - New Chrome 0-day Bug is under active attacks-update now!!!

Hacker News - Leading web domain name registrars disclose data breach

Hacker News - Chinese hackers compromise telecom servers to spy on sms

Password Managers

Unfourtunately there is only one in the Yunohost repos. And that is Keeweb. Which is a web based manager that also has a desktop app. It says it is compatable with Keepass so I’m gonna test it out.

I installed and I really dont know what to do, lol. I’ve got some experience using LastPass a long time ago but just gave up on it because I turned into one of those lazy people saying “I’ve got nothing to hide, blah, blah”. That was before I found out how much of a product we really are. Holy shit! I just realized that the movie The Matrix is true!

I ran search for Open Source password managers and came up with theses.

  • Bitwarden - self hosted or use someone else

  • KeePass - Desktop

  • KeepassX - Fork of KeePass

  • KeeWeb - Self hosted

Since I literally just installed KeePass and KeeWeb this morning I will have to get back to you on how to use them. From my intial glance KeePass is very similar to LastPass. You set up a main password and then use it to generate strong passwords for everything. Copy pasta the password into what ever you need.

I’m guessing you can use KeeWeb simialr to the centralized stuff like Lastpass only for this case it would be for KeePass. I wonder if it would work for Bitwarden as weel?

I did jsut notice that in KeeWeb it says that it does exactly what I thought! Yay, I know how to read!

But what I dont undetstand is the webdav, dropbox, google drive, onedrive and insert link icons. I’m guessing those would be places you have your database saved at?

I’m gonna give it a go over the next couple of weeks and see if I can get myself a little bit safer. You should too!