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So I got started on FreeCodeCamp

As I mentioned in a blog post last week I want to learn how to code. Mainly so I can understand the topics I am covering here on this podcast and to help me be a better self hoster but I would love to get a new job where I am home a lot more than just 34 hrs a week.

I forgot that I had started learning some css back in 2015. Sadly I never finished learning over there. I could’ve had a different job already and being home everyday by now. But I am very serious about this now. You can follow my progress on my profile. It is funny that they have links for your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles but I subsituted my Hubzilla for the Twitter profile and it links to the right place!

I’ve finally updated the all of the TSHV posts and my move to PeerTube.Social is about 75% complete. I just have to go through and upload all the short quick clips. They are just short 1 minute vids I did of me telling jokes in the truck that I did mainly for instagram.

Why I love Unfa even though I dont listen to EDM.


Does anybody know any good sites to get news about the Fediverse and privacy/security that relates to it? Please let me know!

Facebook forcing Page owner public

Mailchimp deplatforms TorrentFreak

Memes law blocked from Senate vote

Pubcast - Pubcast is an open-source, experimental replacement for RSS built on ActivityPub.

Pubcast is two things.

  • First, Pubcast is a technology, like email. That means anyone can write a Pubcast app or talk to another pubcast app. Second, Pubcast is a web server, that anyone can spin up. These servers can talk to each other over Pubcast’s API. Okay cool

  • Pubcast is both email and gmail. The Pubcast project builds the technology that allow people to listen to podcasts in a new way, but we also build a way for people to use it. But anyone can build their own Pubcast player, server, or website.

WriteFreely - WriteFreely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community

Plume - A federated blogging application