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Advert - This episode is brought to you by The Fediverse. The Fediverse is a collection of nearly 40 decentralized apps that can connect with each other. You can join or even host an instance yourself on your own server. More than just social networks they cover just about everything from blogging to cloud storage. PeerTube, Plume, FunkWhale Visit Fediverse Party to learn more today!

It’s episode number 13 of TSHP I’ve got more news, some consideration to do and whole lot to talk about starting right here, right now!

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Hello and welcome back to another exciting episode of The Self Hosted Podcast! As I said we got some news and a couple of considerations I want to talk about.

10/19/2019 at 7am est - Eugen the developer of Mastodon tooted that just this week there has been 2400 new user signups on this week.

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Funkwhale releases .20.1

Mobilizon is now beta

Debian released sudo v1.8.28 that fixes CVE 14287, the vulnerability that allows users to run applications as root without permission. It really only affects you if you’ve configured sudo improperly but I still recommend upgrading as soon as the update hits your mirror. - H/T Amolith

Whch is going to segway into the other links section.

Nixnet is a network of websites and services hosted by the pseudonymous Amolith (me). The main reason I’m hosting these sites is because I like to be in control of my own data where feasible. The easiest way to accomplish this is to host the services I use. I make them public and and maintain them simply because I want to. The Linux and FLOSS community has completely changed my life and I feel like this is a small way I can do my part and give back.

He also has an awesome blog! Follow him on Mastodon or through ActivityPub at the link in the H/T.

I’m considering joining the Federated Networks Association or at least supporting it.

What they do

  • Provide information about federated web projects
  • Arrange trainings and events
  • Provide travel grants to events
  • Use funds for marketing campaigns to promote federated web projects
  • Use funds to sponsor development work of individuals working on federated web projects or directly donating funds to projects themselves

Show topic - Makng some changes round here!

I started doing some blogging and one of the first posts was asking if I should start another podcast. Well after asking on Hubzilla a couple of you actually responded stating that I should just use this podcast. And after considering it for the last 4-5 days. I’m gonna man up and say RockyIII and Oros you are right! I do already have the right podcast for it. No need to start a new one. Even though I started the podcast with the intention of highlighting Yunohost there is no reason why I cant just cover the Fediverse.