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Pre-Roll We are saying No to Chrome, talking about Exodus, not the book in the bible. and Lbry here in episode 24 of The Self Hosted Podcast!

Main Topic 1

Say No to Chrome


Privacy audting platform for Android applications Has an app available on Google Play and F-Droid.

My suprizing results from the Exodus App - Accuweather 13 / 23 - Amazon Asst 2 / 28 - Anchor 13 / 28 - Android Accessibility Suite 1 / 20 - Calculator 1 / 20 - Chrome 0 / 39 - Cloud Print 1 / 11 - Dev Community 0 / 1 - Discord 5 / 19 - Docs 1 /29 - Drive 1 / 37 - Duo 2 / 49 - Evernote 4 / 31 - Facebook 7 / 60 - Firefox 3 / 34 - Netgear Genie 5 / 17 - Gmail 1 /45 - Google 2 / 101 - Google Pay 3 / 24 - Google Play Movies & TV 1 / 16 - Google Play Music 4 / 28 - Google Play Services 3 / 218 - Google Play Services for AR 1 / 3 - Google Play Store 0 / 99 - Google Text to speech engine 0 / 5 - iHeartRadio 23 / 24 - LG Health 0 / 35 - Lookout 4 / 38 - Love’s Connect 0 / 12 - Maps 1 / 36 - McAfee Security 12 / 74 - NameID 5 / 22 - Netflix 2 / 17 - OBS Remote 0 / 1 - Photos 1 / 37 - Pilot FlyingJ 0 / 18 - Pulse 9 / 9 - Sheets 1 / 28 - Slides 1 / 34 - SoundCloud 11 /16 - Speedway 0 / 10 - Streamlabs 4 / 14 - T-Mobile 0 / 59 - Trucker Path 32 / 20 - Tusky 0 / 8 - Video Downloader 8 / 30 - Visual Voicemail 5 / 32 - YouTube 1 / 33

What I’ve deduced

I was surprised that Googles invidual apps trackers were quite low. But collectivly they are huge. Pilot and Loves had no trackers just blew my mind. But Trucker Path, one of the most popular trucking apps around has 32 trackers and 20 permissions! WHY??? I am recommending all of my trucker friends to uninstall this app immeadiatly!! Even iHeartRadio, an app I use daily has as many trackers as it has permissions! Absolutely astounding and its no wonder my battery dies so quickly!


There are a plethora of YouTube alternatives. Ya got BitChite, BitTube, DTube but they seem to have their problems. They are also closed source and centralized, meaning you cant self host them on your own server. You have PeerTube which is open source and self hostable but there are two problems with it. It’s intended to be self hosted on your own server. But realisticly thats not an option for most people. The amount of storage alone can be astronomical for the average person. Even if you produce very little content as I do. The other problem is there is no revenue with PeerTube. Yeah you could join up on somebody else’s instance and get some sposors for your channel, but if I am correct, that is technically against the liscense, or is that most instances have that in their rules? Hell, I dont know but I remember reading that somewhere. But there is a thing called Lbry and it’s self hosted. Hell you host the videos on your computer, no vps needed! And it’s open source.

You can also post videos anomonousmly. Sidenote The Lbry android app does have one tracker. Google Firebase Analytics and requires 12 permissions.

My History with Lbry

Back a couple of years ago I tried Lbry and I hated it. I had to keep my computer online, I was seeding videos and needed to be online all the time or people couldn’t watch my stuff. It was abhorrent! Now remember that was before I understanding about #selfhosting and the #fediverse. Now about a year ago they announced that you could sync your YouTube channel so I signed up and it worked. My channel has been syncing ever since. I never even had to sign into Lbry. It was awesome, kinda. Not that I produce a lot of video content but it was cool to have it mirrored somewhere. Now I been running across a lot of people talking about it being big in 2020 and thought I better take a 3rd look at it. But this time I’ve got myself backed up with a little more knowledge and am looking at the world through my new “decentralized fediverse” eyes. I understand the concept now. So I went digging.

First thing is they made a TON of improvements since I looked at last. It works. Even the android app (which sucks that it’s on Google Play and not F-Droid) just works! I’m reading these constant reviews about how it lags, takes 15 minutes for a video to load, etc. I was on that app on my phone, during peak times and only had 1 video buffer on me. And it only buffered for about 30 seconds. And I was like, ok, I know what I’m doing this weekend. I’m throwing some stuff on Lbry! But I couldn’t wait so I tried to log into the account I started the sync with and … I couldn’t do it. I cant remember the email I used. So I hit up the mods to get it straightend out. But in the process I was like “do I really want to put stuff on the same channel I synced from YouTube”? NO! I dont want anything to do with YouTube anymore so I ended up just using my new email and started a new channel. Bonehead Media is the name and has a pic of me and my dog with a shot of my computer as the banner. Thats it, no content as of the writing of these show notes. Hopefully by the time I get this episode out to you I will have something there for you to watch. I plan on streaming live to DLive while I am recording and then moving those over to Lbry when they are done. I wanted to post my live shows on but there is an upload limit that I cant get around because it’s not my own instance. So I can pretty much only post the “high” productions on PeerTube. I’ve got a couple in the hopper but man I hate editing video. So I’ve been procrastinating on them for awhile.

Another bonus about Lbry is that I can give and recieve some LBC, which is a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin. Unlike DLive it is traded on most major exchanges. Which thats another subject I need to understand more.