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What is it that makes opensource software so cool? What makes it work so well that the vast majority of the interwebs runs on it? Well, it’s because its real humans that are behind it. Real humans that you can talk to. And thats what we are talking about right now on episode 22 of The Self Hosted Podcast!

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Funkwhale Channel for Podcast Testing - You can join the development by joining in the discussion at this matrix channel. Meetings are held officially at 17:00 UTC on Saturdays and Thursdays.

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Contributing to an OpenSource Project

Do you know whats the coolest part of the opensource community?

Having the ability to talk directly to the developers. You tend to find out that they are humans too. They are real people who have lives. They just have different skills than you or I. And they listen to what you have to say.

Case in point, Socialhome and Funkwhale.


Consulting with the devs on

  • how other platforms work
  • what podcst producers expect from a platform
  • what podcast listeners expect from a platform
  • testing
  • providing input and feedback about the gui
  • spreading the word about the project
  • When the time comes I will be writing some docs


I’m not officially helping with it but I havve already - Done some feature requests - Testing with replys between Mastodon and Socialhome cross commenting - Asked for a dark theme or the ability to theme - Spread the word about Socialhome

Why Contribute?

Because that is the way #opensource works. It’s meant for the community at large. The more hands, the more eyes that work together on a project the better the final result is. So many projects get started and end up dieing because nobody contributes to it. If its just one person doing it and they decide to leave someone else can pick it up and keep going with it. If it’s a project that is really good and a lot of people are interested in it then it takes off and becomes its own thing and keeps growing. The community is what makes opensource great. People coming together to create something that solves a problem. Opensource projects are people not products.

10 ways to contribute - Provide Reports - Create Feature Requests - Test - Write Documentation - Translate the User Interface and documentation - Answer questions users have on the forums and mailing lists - Help design the the user interface, logo and website - Promote the project - Provide harware - Thank the community!

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