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Moving really sucks. Gotta pack everything up in boxes, Bubble wrap all the breakables… what? Yes I think I found a new home. It’s called Socialhome and its right here on episode 22 of The Self Hosted Podcast.


Special thank you to Nachbarscaft for the proof that it works. I had thought of this before but didnt try it because I thought it wouldnt work but I am wrong and it does work!

  • I’m now on Socialhome and absolutly love it! @unklebonehead@socialhome.netwrok More on Socialhome to come.

My ultimate goal is to move boneheadmedia to Socialhome and make it my personal site such as Jason Robinson has done. He is one of the devs of Socialhome and has made it look just like a website.

-Funkwhale podcast update. I’ve seen some wireframes that have been done up to show what its going to look like and they are beautiful! I cant wait to make my podcasts all available on the Fediverse! I’m excited as hell!


OpusMT - An open source alternative to Google Translate has gotten started.

Fediverse search engine

Fediverse Party 2019 review

Some interesting Numbers
  • 1000 new servers online

  • 1.8 million newcommers

  • Top 5 servers growth was Pleroms, Mastodon, WriteFreely, Pixelfed and PeerTube.

  • Misskey, Plume and Funkwhale grew as well

  • 13 new networks expressed a wish to become part of Fediverse!

  • But the big problem still remains. People are still flocking to big servers and not enough small ones. Reminder that the idea of decntralized is everybody hosts their own. Which I understand is not feaseable for most people.


Socialhome is best described as a #federated personal profile with social networking functionality. Users can create rich content using #Markdown. All content can be pinned to the user profile and all content will federate to contacts in the federated social web. Federation happens using the #ActivityPub and #Diaspora protocols.


  • Looks very cool and is easy on the eyes to read.

  • Uses markdown for posts with a preview available.

  • Ability to pin content so that you can make it look like a personal website which is what I want to do with Bonehead Media. Just need a VPS to put it on.

  • Choice of 6 different streams to follow. Followed, Public, Tags, Local, Limited and MyContent.

  • Very easy to follow other people

  • Similar to Hubzilla and is easier to use than it. Because it doesnt try to do everything that Hubzilla does.

  • Has a command line client that is available as a snap app.

  • Works somewhat well in Firefox mobile.

IMHO Cons - Currently NO desktop or android apps in development.

  • Needs a dark mode! Way too bright especially in a dark room.

  • There are currently on 6 nodes, 1352 users, 23217 postsand 3794 comments. So I would love to see more people use it.

I think I’m going to stay with it and not return to Hubzilla for the time being. This is exactly what I’ve benn looking for. A place to put my regular content and be social all at the same time in the same place.

I’m the in The Funkwhale Community Spotlight!

I was asked to be in the spotlight of the Funkwhale community. So of course I said yes. You can go read it hear.

I thought that since this is a podcast and I am a podcaster that I should just do an audio version of it. So I had Casey ask me the questions and hit record. I thought this would be good since I do have a couple of blind friends that listen and I hope they appreciate it.

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Sometimes on the weekends I will stream LIVE on Dlive! I will also be streaming live periodicaly through out the week!

You can follow the rss of Bonehead Media site through ActivityPub by using - this is not a feed I can respond to, but for you to catch the feed updates on social media that use ActivityPub ie Mastodon.

I am now on Socialhome

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