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Its a new year and now is the perfect time for you to make the commitment to protecting yourself, your privacy and your data. How? By self hosting of course! Self hosted radio station, websites and files and detoxing your data all right here, right now on The Self Hosted Podcast!


Over the last 20 episodes I’ve focussed primarily on apps that can be installed and used through Yunohost. I’ve also tried to learn how to install apps on my Yunohost server but that was a complete bust. I just aint smart enough. But I did get one installed without using Yunohost and it actually works! If your one of the lucky ones (friends and family) you might be listening to this being recorded live or a replay on it right now. It’s called Azuracast and I am excited as hell to have it installe and running. More on that later but first lets get to the news!


YouTuber threatens Univision with Legal Action!

Tweets Leonard J. French, M.S., Esq. @leonardjfrench · Dec 28, 2019 Replying to @leonardjfrench You (@univision) are welcome to reach out to me with an offer to settle the dispute.

Leonard J. French, M.S., Esq. @leonardjfrench In the mean time, I’ll be registering the copyright and preparing to file an action in Federal District Court, where I’m licensed and practice on the daily.

Cryptography Myths

Some people are convinced that applying cryptography to their product or service solves all problems regarding security and privacy. Of course, this isn’t the case as shown in this article.

DLive joins Bit Torrent

BitTorrent announced today that DLive, the popular blockchain-based content sharing platform, will be joining the BitTorrent ecosystem and begin the migration to the TRON blockchain. DLive and BitTorrent will be working together to bring blockchain-based peer-to-peer content sharing, including live streaming, to everyone. DLive will advertise their products and services on BitTorrent as well as using its newest service for storage.

3 Topics

Data Detox Kit

Everyday steps you can take to control your digital privacy, security, and wellbeing in ways that feel right to you.


A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open.


Simple, Self-Hosted Web Radio

The Deets

Please help me if you can

I’ve been hosting all my content at home on my personal server but I will soon be out of room on it and the network traffic is almost too much for it to handle. If you can spare a little change and throw it my way I would appreciate it alot. I’m only looking for $60-$70 for a years worth of hosting.



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