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I’m tring something new, Pixelfed is in the news and a whole lot more coming up in number 20 of The Self Hosted Podcast!

Housekeeping and Support

Support Framasoft- They are looking to bring live streaming to PeerTube!

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Fediverse Pixelfed awarded grant from NLnet

Russian Police Raid NGINX

Zepplin Ransomware targets Tech and Health Co

Snatch ransomware reboots windows in safe mode to bypass antivirus

Podcast advertising company Midroll accused of bullying podcaster into sharing subscribers data

FBI puts $5 million bounty on russian hacker behind Dridex Banking Malware

Twitch users shocked after being banned from stream as streamer purges “every little poor person”

YouTube is Training thousands of raters to enforce new harrasment policy

Changing my mind on the YouTube Channel

I’ve decided to change my mind on doing the YouTube channel. Why? Because fuck YouTube. But seriously they have some really stupid changes coming down the pike and while they may not actually effect what I do I dont want to support or even invest the time into trying to make them a viable option. Heres what happened.

I ran across DLive the other day while searching, quite ironicly, YouTube. I was using NewPipe of course, lol. Now to be honest I had heard of DLive a long time ago and looked into it. It wasnt really for me. But this is new. Pewdiepie has switched to it and we’ve all heard about that. Anyways make a long story short I asked on Mastodon if anybody knew anything about Dlive. I was interested in whether somebody had experienced it, whether it was inundated with Nazi shit, etc. And Framasoft, the open source comapany behind PeerTube commented that they were working on live streaming for PeerTube. I was aware that it was in the to do list but thought it was much further out. Turns out no it’s not. They are currently looking for funding to pay the developers to get it in there. They have to redo the player becase the current player wont support streaming.

You see I want to stream live video for this podcast. But not on YouTube and not on Twitch. I dont like either one of them. So I’m thinking DTube and DLive. But there is no mobile app for DTube, at least an official one. Dlive has an app but you cant stream from the phone with it. However there is StreamLabs mobile. I dont think it’s open source but it does work on my phone. And BitChute has announced that they are introducing live streaming as well. All 3 of these use block chain to reward creators who stream. DTube and Bitchute are Steemit I think and DLive has their own called Lino. So if I can stream on these platforms and collect a little rev in the form of block chain then I dont see anything wrong with that. The bonus for me I see is DLive since live is it’s main focus I can prolly have a lot of fun with it. I’m gonna try to do a lot from the truck during the week. Then on the weekends try to stream to multiple platforms at once. I’ll probably crash my computer but at least it will be fun, lol. BitChute and PeerTube arent available yet so I will focus mainly on DLive. I could do streams while I’m driving since I seem to talk alot to myself all day while working.




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