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This is not a normal episode!

This is a replay of my last Christmas show. It originaly aired both in the feed for The Unkle Bonehead Show and on My first radio station that was all me. In it you will here me reference. Linux for the rest of us training videos. They are still available but pretty dated since this was recorded 2011-12-24.

I also referenced that I was making a distro that was specificly for streaming audio to an internet radio station. Dont look for it because it never came to frutition. I had only been using Linux for about 9 months at this point. And as with most noobs who find Linux I wanted to do everything right then not thinking of how hard it is to do without knowing the tech and just how practical the final distro would be. Lol.

Some of these songs, while not performed by Creative Commons artists were released originally on a Christmas album back in the early to mid 90’s and was then released on The Podsafe Music Network (Meevio) back in 2008 by the record label. It of course had many more artists than I played on this episode but suffice it to say it was all hair bands. I am making it available in this feed just as a bonus episode. If you are listening to it through one of the phone apps and want a high quaility audio version you can download it either from or get it on I also referenced Google+ what a joke that was, lol.

Merry Chrismas!

Voice overs for The Unkle Bonehead Show was provided by several different people of the years but in this episode it was Wayne Henderson. Who still does it at Media Voice Overs He is very reasonable and has an absolutely awesome voice. I strongly reccommend him for anything you need for voiceovers.

The playlist is…

  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Dokken

  • Fun to fly with the Fat Guy - Robert Lund and Spaf

  • Blue Christmas - Tom Keifer (Cinderella)

  • I Can’t Wrap - Scooter Picnick

  • Jingle Bell Rock - Nelson

  • North Side of the Pole Pt4 - Money Shot Cosmonauts

  • Star Wars Hanukkah - The Great Lukeski

  • Undead Elves - Robert Lund and Spaf

  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Twisted Sister

  • Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Twisted Sister

  • Jingle Bells - Skid Row