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I got a new Yunohost set up. My old computer didnt die like I thought it did. It was just the hard drive and I have plenty of spares. So I just downloaded a new iso stuck it on a thumb drive and BOOM! It’s back up. I’m gonna keep it light this time. Only using it for my Funkwhale Pod, FreshRss and Firefox sync.

Funkehale .20 is here!

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Funkwhale - Putting the pod back into podcasting!

Funkwhale Podcasters Group - Anybody is welcome!

First Meeting Notes

Creators Test Group

Subscribers Test Group

Podcasts Relevant Artwork and user stories

About NTROradio’s reboot

  • You can already listen to this podcast on my Pod

  • If you have your own pod you can follow it with this link

  • I am going to be the only user on it because it’s all about me!

  • The native app Otter is unique because it doesnt use the Sunsonic api, Rather it uses Funkwhale’s api and it makes all the difference in the world! Runs butter smooth! It’s absoluetly amazing!

  • I dont think that this will be the pod that is used for the podcasting testing. I think it will be a development pod.

This leads me into a question I need you to answer.

I’m wanting to do a podcast that is only found on Funkwhale. What should that be?

  • Something similar to this one but about the Fediverse specifically?

  • Should it be about music in general?

  • Should it be about creating my music?

  • Should it be about something totally unrelated to the fedivers? ie Truck driving, a daily blog, etc.

I would love to find an open source android app that can record audio and then mix in music files to produce something on the road daily.

My expectations of podcasting on Funkwhale

I was talking with Eliot (the creator of Funkwhale) on Matrix and he said that my user stories were “interesting”. Lol. Now I dont know if he meant that like “this dude is insane” or “man this guy is needy as hell”. But I’m gonna go over what I feel is what a long time podcaster and a long time podcast listener would want to get out of using Funkwhale.

As a listener

  • I want to listen to a podcast to learn something interesting.

  • I want the ability to search the entire federation to discover new podcasts that I didnt know about and be able to subscribe to them.

  • I want to share the episode with friends and family through email, sms and social media.

  • I want import and export my list of subscriptions either as an opml or csv for sharing and as a backup.

  • If I am listening to a podcast on a mobile app and then switch to using the computer I want to pick up listening at same point I was at on the mobile.

  • I like to see all of my podcast’s artwork that I am subscribed to be displayed in a nice grid as well as seeing the relevant artwork for the episode that is currently playing.

  • I want to be able to sort the podcast subscriptions in order to group similar podcasts together. ie audio fiction, linux podcasts, music podcasts, diy podcasts, cooking, etc

  • I also want to see the shownotes displayed for the currently playing episode with clickable links that can open in my browser.

  • If I’m listening to a podcast that supports chapters I want to be able to see the chapters markers and click on it to jump to that specific chapter.

  • I would also like the ability to leave a comment to the podcaster. ie on Soundcloud you can leave a comment at a specific point in the audio when using their player. There is also a podcast app that allows the listener to do this on Android. The podcaster is also able to respond to the commenter on the app as well.

As a podcaster

  • I want people to be able to easily subscribe to the podcast without having to jump through hoops.

  • I want the ability to either add my current show to Funkwhale or have it only available on Funkwhale.

  • I want to choose where the media file is stored. Either on the pod, or another media host such as libsyn.

  • I would like the ability to update the id3 tags of the episode as needed.

  • I must be in control of the rss feed for my podcast. No changing of the feed in any way. Us podcasters are extremely picky about this.

  • I want to have stats available to me. Specificaly the amount of downloads and/or streams. If you can tell me how long they listened to it and whether they skipped around in an episode then that is icing on the cake.


  • Do not change the file I created. If I create an mp3 or ogg file do not change it to an m4a. does this to save space on the server and it drives me crazy! If I create a high quaility mp3, ogg or flac file for a music podcast then somebody like anchor transcodes it down to a low quaility m4a it sounds like utter crap.

  • I want to have an easy way to interact with the listener through a commenting system.

  • On a user can send a voice message through the app. That would be awesome if this could be pulled off in Funkwhale. I could then download that voice comment and play it in an episode. ie Someone could ask me a question and I could then answer it live on the show. Allowing for more podcaster/listener interaction creates more content.

  • It would be 100% awesome to be able to stream live as I am recording an episode.

  • For recording the podcast I use Ardour 5 and a Presonus Audiobox USB96 when I am at home and a ZoomR16 when I am on the road. Shownotes are always written with VScode or Remarkable then pushed to github after I upload the mp3 file to and So I dont have a one app for all solution.