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Pre Roll Recording on the run, a whole bunch of super exciting news in the Fediverse and a whole lot more coming up on episode 17 of The Self Hosted Podcast!


  • This episode will be out the week of November 17th. By the end of this week this podcast will have well over 1000 downloads on’s analytics. I think it is already over that if you count what is downloaded directly from the shownotes. Thank you all for that ego boost. You really dont understand how much that inspires me to know that there are people out there that find privacy to be more important than using “free” apps and services from million dollar companies.

  • Last episode I admitted to you that I am a high school drop out. But I didnt want you to think that I am looking for sympathy. I’m not. I’m trying to inspire you by letting you know that you dont have to be a huge tech geek to maintain online privacy and security. I could have gone into tech like I started to. But I didnt want to. I wanted to drive a truck because that was my childhood dream. And when the recruiter told me that my fast food background didnt give me what I needed to have to get into driving I set my mind to prove him wrong. That was 27 years ago and over 3 million accident free miles. I was the furthest thing away from tech you could get. Until I got into podcasting and you can read about that on the about page of Bonehead Media. So if you are brand new to this and scared, dont be. Just know that there is a whole community out there that is willing to help you if you need it. If you fall, we will pick you up. Rising waters raise all boats.

  • I am still server less, lol. Having the machine die on the sunday before you leave and then end up not gettng to go home the next weekend really sucks when you’re trying to see if it can be fixed. I’m thinking its the power supply. If it is I have one laying around I can throw in it. Mostly because of whats coming up in the news has got me super excited!

  • Again welcome to all the new listeners and followers on Mastodon from India!

  • I uploaded a quick 30 second video from my old instagram account to PeerTube the other day. And I have to say that, at least in my opinion, PeerTube is turing into YouTube for me. Keep in mind I was on mobie and the upload was pretty damn fast even though I was at my “unlimited” data cap. But that wasn’t my problem. I ended up spending about 20 minutes watching random videos. Nothing in particular just the usual bad day at work vids. I mentioned this on Mastodon and Felix said I should suggest some channels to you guys. So that will be in the next episode.

  • Speaking of Peertube, I mentioned I was going to start a YouTube channel but I think some of you got the wrong impression. This is part of a long term plan. On PeerTube there is a problem with finding original quaility content. I know there is a few channels that are good but they are not original to PeerTube. They are just mirrors of YouTube channels talking about Linux. And thats not what I want to do. I want to have the bulk of my content on PeerTube and use “trailers” on YouTube to drive traffic to PeerTube to get the actual content. I need to “up my PeerTube” game in order to do this and even though I wont get paid by PeerTube the trailers on YouTube will be monetized and I will use that as part of the reason to get people to go to PeerTube to watch ad free.

  • I started filming a video this morning (saturday) and hope to have it edited and posted on PeerTube by the time the weekend is over.

  • You may notice that the audio on this episode sounds a bit different. Thats because I am trying a different way of recording the show since I am in the truck this weekend, Zoom R16 recorded to an sd card then imported to Ardour for editing and adding music.


Holy shit this is huge!PeerTube V2.0.0 is out!

-* Better instance admin

  • Added ability to auto follow back other instances

  • Added ability to auto follow the public registry

  • Add most liked videos page

  • Add drag/drop delay on playlist videos to allow user scroll on small screens

  • Add stats in the about page

  • Allow to toggle video publication date to display absolute date

  • Improve the feature table in about page

  • Add the contributors in the about page

  • Clearer warning of ip address leaking on embedded videos

  • Case insensitive search on video tags

  • Add ability to autoplay next recommended video

  • Add link behind the subscribe via RSS button

  • Support text/plain caption files

  • Add ability to enable HLS in the admin panel

And according to Felix who is the admin for, which is one of the largest PeerTube instances, recently did the upgrade and says it went very smooth and there is a lot of stuff on the admin side to go through. Sounds like it is worth it though.

Just some quick stats at the time of recording this

On the public registry

  • There are 408 intstances

  • 25,097 users


  • 123,073 videos


  • 49.06TB of video files.

And yes there is an instance for porn. I linked because they dont federate with anybody.

Funkwhale 0.20.0

  • 0.20.1 Will be released by month to address some annoying bugs.

  • Support for associating genre/hastags with artists, albums and tracks

  • Landing and about pages redesigned

  • New reporting feature to let people contact moderators

  • DARK THEME!!!!

  • Users can now delte their account without involving the admin

  • Allow-lisitng to restrict federation to trusted nodes

  • Admins can now specify custom CSS to customize the look and feel of your pod.

  • Added Catalan and Czech translations

  • There is a dedicated install script to reduce the friction while setting up a new pod

  • Even updated the documentiation theme!

And now for the exciting peice for me. Their current proposal is to focus the 0.21 release on audio publication, by bringing support for podcasts and channels in Funkwhale. The 0.22 release would be focused on stabilization, enhancements, bugfixes and could possibly be labeled Funkwhale 1.0.

Did you catch that? PODCASTS and CHANELLS in Funkwhale! This would turn it into a kind of mashup between PeerTube and Spotify. This leads into the next part of Funkwhale news.

Podcast Working Group 17:00 UTC +18:00 AM PST in the dedicated podcast room

Anyone interested in the podcast feature development is encouraged to join. Even if you cannot attend the first meeting time, everone is welcometo use the room for discussion of all podcast related things.

Being on a Thursday I may not be able to be there but I will be in that room! Dont know what I can do but I have said from nearly the beginning of my journey into the fediverse that I would love to have this podcast be distributed on Funkwhale!

Write freely V 0.11

  • Many bug fixes and improvements

  • built in automatic free ssl certs

  • a command line client wf-cli

  • Prevent transliterated slgs from exceeding charactor limit

  • Dont consider posts unpublished when they have a title

  • Blog 404 pages are now styled like the rest of the blog

  • Fix missing hostname when publishing via api and support WF-CLI

  • Support the audio element. YAY!!!

  • Fix future pinned posts showing in navigation

and many many more!