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Big update since the recording!

new contact email is


Massive exodus of India’s Twitter moved to Mastodon - This is a bull shit quote from the article. >While many have hailed Mastodon as a great alternative to Twitter, some have pointed out that its not as easy to use, which means its unlikely that Mastodon is going to take over - even in the long term. Others have dismissed the movement to leave Twitter as “a temporary fad” which is unlikely to make a lasting mark.

Microsoft Edge has announced that Edge is coming to Linux! crickets sound

Now lets talk about a much better browser.

The Tor Project has announed that a new release of Tor browser is out 9.0.1

FSF announced that registration is open for LibrePlanet March 14-15th in Boston, MA

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A YouTube Channel?

On the Fediverse earlier this week I asked about starting a YouTube channel for the podcast. Just to look for exposure to the apps and Fediverse that I am trying to evangelize. How easy it is to actually use them, host them, blah, blah. You know the speil from me by now. Now I’m not talking about abandoning PeerTube. I love me some PeerTube. But this YouTube content will be centered towards the average everyday “I got my coffee and I’m sitting in the break room watching YouTube on my phone at work” person. Again I want to show these people that if a guy like me can do this so can they. I am anything but an educated indvidual. I tried to go to tech college for electonics, I hated it. Ya know, I think I’m gonna have to let you all in on a little secret right here, right now. I’ve never told anybody this. And most people outside of my immeadiate family dont know this. I dont think I’ve even told one of my best freinds of 20+ years.

I dont have a high school dipolma! Hell, I dont even have a GED. Thats right you are listening to a high school reject. Not to toot my own horn but I think I’ve done pretty good for myself over the years with out a little peice of paper that says I know how to do things. For you older people my age dont ever think you ar to old to learn something. You have an advantage that these young kids dont. You already know how to learn. And for you young kids, and by kids I mean anybody from the age of 49 all the way down to just starting to go to school. Dont ever let anybody tell you that you cant learn something. You first steps, just like when you were a baby was to crawl before you learned how to walk. So keep trying and dont ever stop learning because somebody told you to. And that really goes for anybody. Never stop learning, never stop trying and never, ever give up!

Just as a disclaimer

I do plan on implementing ads on this channel and will start live streaming the recording of this podcast (which is usually Sunday mornings) plus random streams from my phone through out the week. The main reasons for the ads are..

  1. Revenue to cover the cost of production
  2. To help drive traffic to PeerTube and the rest of the Fediverse where there are no ads and I plan to use this as an advantage.

Special thank you to Yunohost for mentioning me and the podcast in the October edition of their newsletter!


Mastodon user tooted out a very interesting question the other day. The toot was asking for those that self host what are they using. Now I dont know if they meant to tag me in it because they wanted to know what I am using or if they wanted me to boost it but I did anyway. And if you dont know anything about social media, well here is the scenario. You get tagged in a post, post goes not really viral but gets pretty popular it gets a lot of boosts or retweets for you bird site fans, or “shares” for you Facialbook people. If you are tagged in that original post you get a notification when someone responds or likes it.

Well I was busy driving across Arkansas and Texas to Dallas that day. And I listened to my phone chirp for quite a while. I dont get that many notifications. Unless its my friends doing a group sms message or Mastodon. So I finally stopped and checked it. I must’ve had 30-40 likes, boosts and reponses. I had to stop the notifications. From those I figured out that there are 37 apps, att least 7 Yunohost installs and running on 4 RaspberryPi’s. By far the most popular app to install was Nextcloud. I’ll include the full list at the end of the shownotes.

But this got me thinking, what if we had a self hosted suvery that we could leave up for a while and let people just tell us what apps they are running? What kind of machine are they running them on? What OS are they using? Those kinds of things. What I need to find is a survey app. Something open source and even self hostable. Well the first thing I did was hit Searx and Duck Duck Go. Both of them referred me to LimeSurvey. So I look it over and damn, if this isnt exactly what I was looking for. So I start looing at the install intstrucions and I’m like “I wonder if Yunohost has this in it’s repos?” Um, yeah. That was a dumb question. It was there and and easy as hell to install. Thank you Yunohost!

It’s doesnt require a whole domain so that made it even more stupid simple to install.

And then my server died!

As you know it’s on an old computer in my house. But the only thing I did need on it was my email which is why the new email. And I am very humbled that NixNet went above and beyond to help me out. Thank you Amolith I am forever gratful and in your debt!