Ep 9

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Pre Roll

I was at a TA truckstop earlier this week. And they had a Verizon kiosk inside and there was actually a Verizon employee there. I may have jokingly asked him if he had any phones that didnt have ios or android on them. He held up a flip phone. I smiled and said “No, I was thinking of something that ran LineageOS or Replicant.” He said “What is that”? Now I’m wondering if he has done a Google search. But prolly not, good help is hard to find nowadays. And speaking of help. This is episode 9 of The Self Hosted Podcast and I’m talking about getting help with your Yunohost!

Acheivement Unlocked!

I’ve been notified of two more acheivements unlocked!** That makes 4 people** that I know of that I’ve inspired to get into self hosting! One on an old laptop and one with a RaspberryPi. That is just fricking awesome! you guys are really inspiring me in return! But both of them had some problems. One had problems during the install and the other was running into some dns problems. Which is what had lead me to this weeks episode.

*Side Note I’m watching Black Mirror’s “Smithereens” episode on Netflix as I write these shownotes. In the episode a guy kidnaps an employee of a Facebook type company in an effort to talk to the CEO on the phone. It’s pretty creepy the way they show how they find out all about the suspect through the data that the social network company, law enforcement in both the UK and the USA in a matter of minutes. They even know all about the CEO even while he is on a silent retreat that apparently he thought nobdy else knew where he was. Really makes you start thinking. Now on to the show.*

House keeping


I have installed an open source search engine called Searx and have been using it instead of Google or Duck Duck Go. I really like it and it seems to be giving me some pretty good results. I’ve got it set as my default search engine in Firefox both on the mobile and computer. You are welcome to use it as well. It does not track you or tailor your results in anyway.


I’ve been playing with Grav Flat File CMS and I’m loving it! I like it so much that I may end up keeping it installed and actually use it. The only thing that bugs me is that it is little behind on the updates on the Yunohost package. From what I understand the latest Grav requires a newer php than what Yunohost has and there is too much other stuff in Yunohost that requires the older php to update it. Grav still works but it gives you these annoying little notifications to update and you cant update, grrrr. Not a show stopper but just annoying as hell. You can follow what I am doing with it at my Posts page.

Jupiter Broadcasting launched a new show

The folks over at Jupiter Broadcasting has announed a new show about self hosting. Simply called “Self Hosted”. This was just after I had emailed them to tell them about Yunohost. I know the show was probably something that they had been working on long before I had sent the email but I’d like to think that my email helped to solidify it. Lol. Like my little podcast would have any influence on a podcasting giant such as them. But like I always say, I am a legend in my own mind. You can subscribe to their show Self Hosted. Am I worried about them taking my listeners? Hell no. I just want to inspire you to get into self hosting and controlling your data. I’m doing this podcast as a way for me to learn more and show that you dont have to be a computer whiz to do it. In fact I urge you to go listen to it! I will be!!

Speaking of podcasts launching

I’m working on another podcast that will be launching soon. It will be a roundtable type with 3 other people I’ve struck up a freindship with on Mastodon. We will be discussing controlling your data, keeping foss and The Fediverse. It’s going to be called The Fediverse Roundtable and it’s going to be some fun, informative and interesting conversations. I cant wait to get it started.

Getting Help with Yunohost

There are several ways to get help with your Yunohost install. 1. Yunohost documentation 2. Yunohost Forums 3. Yunohost chat has a irc chat embedded in the page. IMO the best way to get help is to join the forum and first search for a topic similar to your question. Chances are its already been asked, lol. But if not you can always start a new topic under the support category. Their are sub categories for Yunohost install and apps. When you start a support topic there is a template for you to use. Just fill out the sections that pertain to you and delete the stuff that doesnt. Then ask your question. The template is meant to help you to give the relevant information so that people can help you faster and more efficent. Just be patient, remember these devs and other users are dothing this out of a labor of love and not getting paid for it so they do work for a living. Also remember that they live on the other side of the planet and may be asleep while you are awake. If it is something that is time sensitive you can try the chat to see if anybody is online at that momment. Or you can hit me up on Mastodon and I will gladly do my best to help you out if I can. If I cant I can hit up other people as well. I know people who know other people. Lol. Know what i’m saying? Now dont be like some of these other internet dorks that jump into forums with a problem and then go totally ballistic if they dont get a response in a couple of minutes. It will take some time to research your problem if someone doesnt know the answer right away. Again remember these people are real and have lives just you do.


I play two of my songs. Both drums recorded using MT Drummer in Reaper on Windows. Bass, guitars and synths recorded and mixed and mastered on AV Linux. Work It Out Hammer On Down

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