Download Mp3 PreRoll Welcome back to TruckinNutz! It’s season 2, with the same dude, same ideas but now with more Freedom!

What I’ve been doing since I last talked to you

I did record 3 episodes of Break19 Podcast with the boys. It was fun and we really wanted to do more but trying to get 4 drivers all together to actually record a high quality audio/video podcast together is a real pain in the ass. Especially when 3 of them operate in a different time zone. So they are back doing their thing and have started a YouTube channel called The RatchetJaw Podcast. They are very funny and great guys so I urge you to go subscribe and watch them. They havent officially put out a full episode yet but they will soon. I promise.

Also I would be remis if I didnt mentiona and give a shoutout to my good friend Radionman. Go listen to his podcast on You can also find him on Bitchute. He puts out daily shows on both platforms! Be warned he does get political sometimes.

I went and did some exploring of an alternative universe in ethos. It’s called The Fediverse and you can find out about it by exploring my site. - I ran across it by accident by reading about how much info Google and other mega companies have on everybody. - I joined Mastodon. - Had my own server and hosted all my stuff. - Same server died but I’m still on the Fediverse - I’m involved in 2 open source Fediverse projects, Funkwhale and Socialhome - I started another podcast The Self Hosted Podcast about the Fediverse. - I’m now what we are referring to as a “semi local” driver. Meaning that I run locally when we have a bunch of local stuff to do but still do the longer regional runs when needed.

What to expect from here on out

  • TruckinNutz itself probably wont be any different than season 1.
  • Since I am doing the semi local stuff I am hanging out at the yard more. So I may be teaching some people around here how to do a podcast for the company. Maybe even set up a server for them to have our own Socialhome or Moodle since we do run a driving school as well.
  • I may even have some “experts” from our safety department on to talk about stuff.
  • Have other drivers on to hang out and have fun

    You drivers need to know

    The Trucker Path app. That great wonderful app that helps us accomplish our jobs on a daily basis. It tells us where the weigh stations, truck stops low bridges, tire shops, etc. I use it just to find out whether weigh station are open or closed. Well did you know that app has 32 trackers and requires 20 permissions in order to run? And did you know that those are not reduced by any means if you pay them for the monthly subscription to remove the ads? Why the hell does that app need to have 32 fucking trackers? Why because the developer baked those in and is selling your info they gain to advertisers!!!!! YOU ARE A HUGE PRODUCT TO THEM!!! Save your data and privacy delete the app and spend $80 on a cb radio. You will get much more reliable and up to date info from it!