Hopefully by the end of the week I will be 100% Google free. The only exception is on my phone. I am no longer using gmail except for a couple of login that I need to change and am working on porting all my emails over to my new email. Im also switching to the News app on Nextcloud for my rss reader and am deciding on whether or not I want to use Nextclouds Music app for my music library. Thats still up in the air but it looks identical to the way the old itunes looked back in the day and it has a podcatcher in it. So it basically functions the same as Google Play Music without all the intrusive ads.

So here is the breakdown. Nextcloud replaces Rss reader, Google Docs, Google Play Music, Spotify, Doggcatcher, etc. My own email replaces Gmail. My own server replaces a lot of what I do and interact with online.

As I sit and think about it. There really isnt much the average person does online that cant be done with their own server. I strongly encourage everybody to check out Yunohost. If I, a truck driver with average intelligence can install it on an old computer in my house and the be an adminstrator anybody can. To be honest once you have it installed and use the domains that are provided for you is absolutely pain free. And you can run everything from a browser. Just open chrome of firefox log in and point and click. It’s easy. You should try it!