This is huge. I mean super big huge!

So I am actually putting my money where my mouth is. I’ve been loathing the bull shit of Google, Facebook, Youtube and prettty much every large corporate giants out there that want to use its “users” as products to sell to their advertisers and shareholders. So I went and did it. But all in on this thing this time. I’ve embraced the “self hosting” concept and am running everything myself right down to the email. This means I save my privacy, gain a metric shit ton of apps to work with and keep all of my sanity doing it all. I’m even embracing the Fediverse! I’m already on Mastadon. I’m starting my instance of Peertube but it will not be open and will only host myself and several freinds.

How I did it

I started this journey with Yunohost on an old Dell Optiplex 330 with 4gb of ram and a 500gb hd. It was just a standard install and I used one of the free domains from Yunohost. It actually only took 1-2 hours to get the stuff installed. I tthen wanted to host this site on it and tried out Grav as the CMS. When installing apps on Yunohost you use apps packaged from their repos and they are not always up to date. Grav was one of them. The app package was on 15.xx and Grav is currently 16.xx. Which meant that since I couldn’t upgrade to current none of the plugins and themes that are already updated wouldnt install. So I then thought what the hell the old site was already a static html site built with Hugo so why not just update it and throw it up.

And that is what you see now. I am hosting this site you are reading, Nextcloud, and email all from my house. And I can update it from anywhere.

There is more to come.

Along with the Yunost server came XMPP which is a chat/messaging relay and from the documentation you can use other desktop and mobile apps to connect with audio/video conferencing including using Jitsi. I also have Mumble server installed so either Jitsi or Mumble we are recording a damn podcast. On the road when ever we want. Now just to get some testing done!!!!

***10-4 driver. Have a smooth ride, keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down and dont let the blue ligh shine on ya! And I’m out! ***