So I’ve been perusing the analytics over at

And while the show TruckinNutz hasnt had a new episode since April of 2019 it is still getting quite a bit of downloads. So I am going to bring it back but you will have to wait for awhile. It will be part of my testing with the new Funkwhale podcasting features along with The NTROradio Podcast.

TruckinNutz will not just be about Truck driving and the industry. It will be morphed into whatever I feel like talking about. I may change the name to “I’m TuckinNutz” or something similar. But no matter what it will be part of my new thing. Once Funkwhale’s podcast stuff is up and stable I plan to pull all of my podcasts off of all other platforms and they will only be available on the Fediverse! As well as this website, Bonehead Media will be run enitrely on my own self hosted instance of Socialhome.

I will then delete my Mastodon and Pixelfed accounts and will only interact with people through my #Socialhome. Dont worry though! I wont be a hermit through the power of the Fediverse and activitypub/diaspora and all the other protocols I will still be ablt to interact with all of the listeners and followers. My channel will stay the same!

God I love the #fediverse! And cant wait to leave and all the other crap behind.