Why do people start a podcast? Some do it because its fun to talk. Others do it because there is subject that are passionate about and cant stop talking about it. But more and more I’m finding people starting podcasts with the intention of making money from that podcast. And I want to talk to you. Please, for the love of god. Stop! Podcasting started out as just people sharing on the internet. Now we have huge networks, radio stations, celebrities and even politicians podcasting. Now as someone who got into for the love of it I’m starting to wonder if it isnt begining to get destroyed by all the “mainstream” that is trying to do it. Dont get me wrong. I have no problem with people making money doing what they love. Its just the ones that say Hey I want to make money. I’ll start a podcast. It feels like its turing into the next stage of internet marketing. You know what I mean. That one guy that is running 40 different landing pages just to get people to buy some product through their link so they can make a commision on your sale. Or they start a blog and hire a ghost writer to post 100 posts to make it look like a legitimate blog filled with affiliate links. Just google for “internet marketing’ or affiliate marketing and look how many results you get for people trying to get you to buy their course on how to do it. The same thing is happening with podcasting. Just a few years ago there was only a handful of people that did that for podcasting. Now there is literally thousands of people wanting to sell you there course for only $3000!

Thats why Anchor.fm is awesome. You can learn to podcast and try it out for free all at the same time. But I will warn you that there are a lot of people that are now parroting what a couple of the “pioneer podcasters” griped about and they are just trying to poke holes in Anchor.fm and the service they offer. DONT listen to them! Anchor is awesome and full of helpful people. People like Ileane Smith. I suggest that if you are new to seek her out on the Facebook group and ask her. She is awsome and very helpful. And go listen to her podcasts. She has a great voice and the perfect pace of talking to make sure you understand what she is saying.

But these people who are trying to tear down Anchor are getting on my nerves. I saw one guy saying I’m not tech illereate but yet he was bad mouthing Anchor because he couldnt figure out how to do a very simple task that is explained quite simply in the help guide. And people griping about drop outs while recording or loosing a cohost during recording. Then there are the ones that gripe about the limited editing abilities. Well, let me tell you a secret. Anchor is not a DAW. IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IS ADVERTISED! IT records and you can edit. Edit is basically just triming the audio clip. Nosie removal, EQ, Compression, etc all falls under the category of MIXING in the audio world. For that you need a DAW like Audacity, Pro Tools, Reaper, Ardour, etc.

But 99% of problems with the Anchor app or website is not Anchors problem! It is the network! So lets just think about this real quick shall we? When you are recording either on the app or website you are not recording locally. Your audio is being sent through your home router and skips across the internet, probably all the way around the planet in some cases, before it reaches the servers for Anchor. That is where it is getting actually recorded. It then processes that audio and is sent back to your computer or phone where you can then listen to it. If you edit it then that whole cycle of jumping around the world starts over. You get bored and start doing something else in your browser that takes up ram on your computer. Then you switch back to that tab and crap just the spinning wheel. Time to jump into the Facebook group and start griping about how bad Anchor is and saying its a crap service! NO ITS NOT!

Another scenario for you is your using the phone app and recording with a couple of people and someone drops out. Well look at what you are using to connect! It’s 4g or LTE. Plus just how much traffic is on that tower each of you are on in your individual area? Are you in a large metropolitin area with probably 2-3 million people streaming Netflix or Hulu on their phones? The towers are probably being overloaded!

Plus think about all that traffic it is gettin on Anchors servers from all over the world. All those connections! So I am here to tell you. You, experienced podcasters. Quit hating on Anchor becasue they dont offer everything you think they should. And for the love of god stop comparing them to Libsyn! Libsyn doesnt offer what they do and Anchor doesnt offer what Libsyn does. Different companies with different goals! And you new podcasters, just give them a fair chance because they are a young company offering things that nobody else is. If you need help figuring something out then dont be afraid to ask. The only dumb question is the one that isnt asked. Anchor is awesome. Anchor is good for podcasting. Stop trying to say it is something its not!