Thank you for checking out my first ever Lbry exclusive video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had making it. It is unedited and not a professional video by any means because thats just how I roll.

My Revelation

So I’ve spent some time going through Lbry over the last couple of weeks and I gotta say. I am pleasantly surprised and giddy as hell. I think that I have finally come to grips with what Lbry actually is. It’s not just a YouTube alternative. And it’s not that it’s a “viable” alternative. It’s not that it’s “just a protocol” and it’s not an app for your desktop and phones. It’s more, way more than that. It’s what you would get if you put a video site, IPFS, DAT, a podcast media host and a cryptocurrency all in a blender and mixed all up until you get a smooth creamy tasty adult beverage that just works! It is, in no other words I can think of, bad ass!

Why Lbry?

Well for one, YouTube sucks ass. Two, YouTube sucks and three, YouTube sucks. Over there you are nothing more than a product to sell to advertisers. Dont get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against anybody make a dollor or two off of showing me an ad. But when you “give” me the option to skip it but then shove it down my throat 30 seconds later, nah. I dont play the tease game very well. I also dont like having my privacy invaded and data collected to “enhance my user experience” on their site. Yeah, they need to enhance my user experience by collecting info on what I am looking at all across the internet, on my phone, where I am physically at, etc in order to show me more relevant ads. I have a great idea. How about instead of the “track and suck” method of users info to sell to 3rd parties. How about just provide a great user experience and charge each user a small monthly fee of say $.99 per month.

In February 2019, YouTube had over 2 billion monthly users. Source

2 billion users times $1 a month. Thats $2,000,000,000 per month. $24 billion per year from one part of Google. Not including what they could get for the search, the browser, the email, etc. Instead we allowed them to trick us into trading our privacy and data in order to save ourselves less than the average price of a fancy coffee in a barista per month. If they charged $.99/mnth for each service the average user online would use, email, search and youtube. $3/mnth. Not counting what they could (or are) making from businesses.

Channels you should obviously be following on Lbry

@lbry @lbry-media-assets @LBRYClass @scottthetruckdriver - The first channel I followed. @Lunduke

New Channels from Bonehead Media

I started a couple of new channels for the podcasts on Lbry. I am looking at these as another way for you to get them and for you to anomonosyly grab them as well. It’s up to you.


The Self Hosted Podcast


So lets talk some more about how cool it is to be here on Lbry.

  • It does more than video.

    • Audio so you can do an audio podcast!
    • You can do standard Markdown and even html files so you can do a blog!
    • You can share images you’ve created!
  • It’s decntralised so you can start doing all those things without a vps or website! You are basically hosting and sharing your files similar to IPFS or DAT!

  • It has the ability for creators to get paid for their content and Lbry Inc takes NO CUT!

  • I’ve already gotten 5 followers to this channel. Thats a third of what I’ve ever gotten on YouTube. Granted I never really tried to do much on YouTube over the years. And I’ve already started recieving tips on a couple of videos. It’s not much but I’m over 100 LBC and I only just started posting content last weekend.