Hubzilla hour 36 update

Well it’s been just over 36 hrs I’ve been on Hubzilla and I really do still like it. Wait, I love it! I like it so much that I am considering take the full on plunge and going in up to my neck in it. I want to get into exeriencing the full effect with the webpages app and build a site out of it. Just to see what I can do with my measley coding skills. I’m no fancy css or html skills but I do admit that I have an eye for good eye candy.

I want to experience the xmpp via chatrooms. I want to see if they can do audio and use it to conduct interviews or have people join me on a podcast. Maybe even get somebody to come on air with me and hangout when I get NTROradio back to streaming.

Of course this may not be possible for me

With my work schedule it is going to be very hard to get this to work. Especially since my laptop’s wifi is pretty much screwed since the shell broke. I have it sitting about 2 feet away from my phone and am using my phone as a wifi booster while I am at home. And I currently only have one bar of signal. I could order a usb wifi dongel and prolly get a much better experience than what I had before the laptop “customizations”. I can always get to wifi while I’m working during the week. I just stop at any truck stop and boom I can get online. But I currently can not do that. Even when I go inside the truck stop I still dont get enough signal to do anything.

Plus I think I know why Hubzilla is somewhat slow for me. I think the server I joined is in the UK and I’m in the USA. I would love to install my own but I think I should really wait until I get a VPS. I’ve already done a lot of clean up on my Yunohost server at home and have got it to where it’s much faster than it was. I am now only running my email, Nextcloud, FreshRss, a landing page for NTROradio and my FireFox sync server.

I will try

And try and try again. I’m going to take the plunge and really go all in on Hubzilla. So make sure you follow me there. As I’ve said before you dont have to be on Hubzilla to follow me. The only channel I have as of this writing is I am sure that I will add some clones in the future but not yet. I will try to find a hub in the USA and clone to it to see if it is the location of the server is what is my speed problem. I suspect that it most likely is.

Thats enough content for this weekend.

I have to go over to the yard and sleep tonight since I have an early morning start. I do this out of honoring my wife and kids it is also fair to my neighbors. Since I live in a small town, less than 10,000 people, I know that pretty much everybody in town can hear when that 500hp diesel starts at 3am. Lol. My neighbor always “We dont even hear it.” And I’m standing there looking at their bedroom window all of 20 feet from my truck. There is now way possible that they cant hear it. Considering it rattles everything in my house only 10 feet away from it.

I’ve startd the blog category to write about my exeperiences with Hubzilla that I am sure I am going to be running into. I’ll be sure to write them down and turn them into tutorials as well as summarizing them in The Self Hosted Podcast. Till the next post…keep it cool with your tools, my fedi-friends!