In case you hadn’t noticed

I’ve been a bit busy here recently. Not only has the entire site been redone but it’s still not complete. While it is complete enough to get going with new content. Here is what I’ve done. - Now made with Hugo! I went back to Hugo because I like the simplicity of it and how I can make changes right on my laptop during the week. Since I write my shownotes in markdown it’s a simple copy and pasta and viola, shownotes!

  • Across the tops the podcasts are seperated into categories. I also went ahead did an about, contact support me and an important links pages. On the contact page you will find how and where best to contact me. I am very active on Mastodon and just today started up a Hubzilla account on I really really like Hubzilla. And I will probably be most active on it.

  • The important links page will end up being a constantly evolving page. Not only will it contain links to help you further your trip into the Fediverse and self hosting but I will post things that are fun and interesting to me.

  • I’ve also done a lot of clean up on my server. I’ve moved this site off of it and my Peertube instance is currently down. So the videos on The Self Hosted Vidcast isnt working. I am currently moving over to

  • The audio files have been moved to from my server as well. So if you download from this site in the shownotes those mp3 files are coming from there. If you are subscribed through one of the feeds those still come from them.

  • NTROradio podcast is getting rebooted along with the blog. Those will both be on this site as well. The audio files will not be mp3. They will be high quality flac files and the podcast will be once a month and close to an hour in length. They will be made up of the featured artist posts during the month.

So there you have it! Thats it for the updates. Look for me on Hubzilla and the rest of the Fediverse!