This post was updated on 2019-12-08

So NTROradio has been reborn!

It is now a Funkwhale instance running on my new Yunohost server in my home. I’ll tell you more about it in this weeks podcast but just suffice it to say the hard drive died and I swapped it out with a new one.

Above you shoule be seeing an empeded player from NTROradio with my demo cover of Bat Out of Hell. And if I set up my instance right you should be able to federate with it but I’m not allowing any signups on it.

I’m getting ready to record a quick video to show the overview of Funkwhale and in this weeks podcast that I will be recording tomorrow I’ve got some really exciting news to talk about that includes Funkwhale.

Also on my instance I have uploaded some of my old songs as well as all episodes of The Self Hosted Podcast.

So just jam out on my version of Bat Out of Hell with no lyrics on it yet. I’ll have those done by next weekend (more like after the new year, lol). I’ll be recording the vocals on Sunday evening and will be mixing them down all next week.

I am also sorry that I didnt have time to do an episode this week. I will have 2 for you next week (2019-12-14). I’m also ramping up for when Funkwhale starts doing podcasts by bringing back the NTROradio Podcast as only on Funkwhale and the Fediverse. I’m also trying very hard to get Azuracast installed so I can broadcast live while doing the podcasts. I may end up having to get a Digital Ocean droplet just for that. But we will see.