Cool, wait, You?

Yes me. I’m actually feeling a “want to know how”. That’s really the only way I know how to express it. As some of you know, I’ve used linux for a vey long time. Since mid 2010 I’ve been running some form of Linux as a daily driver and it’s been mostly Ubuntu/Debian flavors with the exception of the two weeks I tried to install Arch the “Arch way”. And I dont have any qualms about opening a terminal and getting in the so called trenches. For a short stretch I even tried to run i3 desktop and never quite liked it. I can also do some pretty simple html and can hold my own with markdown (like pretty much anybody can.) Hell I’ve even strayed away from using Remarkable and Haroopad for writing these posts and shownotes. I’m pretty much using Visual Studio Code. Hate on me as much as you want, lol. But I can use it for editing and writing pretty much anything and everything. I can already look at some code and see what I need to do to make it do what I want when it comes to html. But since I’ve gotten into the Fediverse and owning my data over the last several months I’ve been wanting to learn how it all works and there a couple of apps I would like to create for myself. Not web apps but for the desktop. Plus I would like to take my website skills to the next level. Plus with being a truck driver and the whole “self driving vehicles” being just aroung the corner I may be looking for a new career. While that may be a few years off I dont want to be a 50-60 year old thats has nothing to do other than annoying my wife around the house.

So naturally I look for podcasts to listen to

And man did I find a bunch of them! But scanning through the back library of each of them I dont see anybody much over the age of 35-40 making the jump into coding. I do know of a couple of truck drivers that made the jump out of the truck and into coding. I even considered it myself for a time. But I wasnt very serious about it. But damn, if I dont do it now I may never get to. I would also love to have more time at home. Even though my daughter is 15 and will most likely be out of the house before I can get myself taught and have a job doing it at least I will be able to have it done before the self driving vehicles take over the roads. Being the cheapskate that I am and wanting to do this without having to go to a physical campus I’ve been looking really hard at the online stuff. Specificly FreeCodeCamp. They have 6 main course that are approximately 300 hours each. Thats 1800 hours of learning and over the coarse of a year that works out to be about 5 hours a day. Now realisticly I know I cant pull that off in a year. But I can whittle that down by learning what I need to for what I want to do.

So why you really want to do this?

I thought I already said that. But ok there are some other reasons. I want to work with the devs on Yunohost and I want to know and understand Hubzilla and the rest of the Fediverse better. I think it would probably help me with talking about it if I understood it better. I’m just a dude that like to read, talk and write about stuff I find cool. But If I could help out by coding something simple then I should know how to do it. Many hands make for light work is what I was taught growning up. So if I can help I want to help. Also I’ve seen some pretty cool projects for podcasting coming out. And as you can guess they are windows or mac only. Thats just annoying as hell to me and I would love to have a desktop app that is just for podcasting. Not some “system” that you use thats made up of a bunch of different apps. But a all in one app that is essentially a distro that can be installed on anything. Yes a custom distro that is nothing but this app. I’ve seen something simialr to this that I cant think of the name of several years ago. It was based on Arch and essentially was Mixxx DJ software that you could run from a usb stick or install on a dedicated laptop and take it with you to a gig. Set it up and leave it and not worry about loosing your data if someone walked up to it. Something that is

  • Multi track audio/video without midi.

  • including editor and mixing windows like Ardour

  • compressor, eq mixing and mastering plugins

  • audio over ip for remote guests

  • syncs with Etherpad, CodiMD or Nextcloud notes for shownotes no google docs

  • live streaming to PeerTube, Youtube and Twitch and shoutcast/icecast capabilities for audio only live stream remotes on your website or radio station of your choice.

  • simultaniously auto publish media file to the storage of your choice (Anchor, Lbsyn, Simplecast,, etc), show notes published to your website (Wordpress, github pages, Netlify, etc).

  • Auto posts to your social media including the Fediverse.

I know thats probably a pipe dream app/distro I have dreamed up and it will most likely end up being done by some company like Adobe and be commercially available for a mere $599.99. But thats what I want to create. Thats what I want to do. Something that will make it super simple, super easy and keep users data private let people create audio and video podcasts whenever they want, wherever they want and not have to worry about constantly keeping a bunch of apps and an OS in sync with updates because the app is the OS. Now go ahead, laugh and call me crazy. Because I am.

Quick tip

Make sure you let the upload finish before you disconnect from the internet! LOL! Yeah, Im bonehead!