So I did some thinking about my last post

After chewing on that last post for a couple of days I thought I should mention some good podcasts that done have the crap of the fluff taking up 50% of thier episodes. Now let me just say that these are not free from advertising. But the adverts in them are done tastefully and dont take up half the show. And they will actually respond to an email from someone who isnt a patron on patreon. I have tried to keep them in seperate categories or genres if you want to call them that.

And yes I included mine in this list. What I cant self promote?

Linux - Open Source - Libre Lounge

  • Going Linux

  • Linux for the Rest of Us

  • Linux for Everyone

  • The Ubuntu Podcast

  • Ask Noah

  • Linux Unplugged

  • Self Hosted (they dont even have theme musi…yet)

  • Steal This Show

  • Open Source Security

  • The Self Hosted Podcast

Tech - Pragmatic

  • The Mini Pc Show

  • Podnutz Pro


Music - Lorenzo’s Music

  • Open Metal Cast

  • NTROradio

Audio/Video Production

  • Anything from Unfa, lol