I have to admit that I’m actually considering it

You may have figured out by now that when I find something new the first thing I do is look for a podcast about it. I know I’m not the only one in the world that does this. But this time I’m not so sure about starting it. I want to do it but I dont want to, lol. I’m so indecisive. Since I’ve joined the Fediverse the only podcasts I’ve found is The FediverseCast (which hasnt made it past the first episode that was released 9/17/2018) and a couple that are in a language other than english. I have nagged the host a couple of times on Mastodon and I completely understand that life changes things and will most likely keep us from doing what we really want to do. Other podcasts tend to do a random mention of Mastodon and that is about it when it comes to Fediverse in the podcast arena. Which brings me to another gripe I have. People just want to talk about the Fediverse as being only Mastodon.

But wait theres more

There is more to that gripe. The ones who do mention the Fediverse will only talk about Mastodon or Peertubce as if they are the only things in the Fediverse. And then they gratiously announce that they are on it as well. But when you go look them up on Mastodon the posts are obviously mirrored from Twitter and they wont interact with the followers on Mastodon. Most likely because they arent leaving Twitter. Or they are just mirroring their YouTube videos on PeerTube and then they lament that nobody follows them to PeerTube for the exact same content they can get without leaving YouTube. Honestly my mind is absolutely awash with things to say about some of these “podcasters”. I put that in quotes because podcasting has changed so much in the last 10 or so years. Most of it has changed in just the last 2-3 years.

Dont get me wrong, capitalism isn’t completly wrong

Since podcasting’s mass acceptance by the general public a few that “made it big” with somewhat large windfalls of sponsorship money thrown at them podcasting has started to become a love/hate thing for me. I’ve produced lots of podcasts over the years and turned away many sponsorship offers. And I dont want them. I dont want to beholden to someone else for what I do or say. I’ve produced family freindly conetent and I have also produced some very adult content. I know when to be an adult and I know when not to be. But I will never do it for money. Podcasting should not be capitolized the way we are letting it be done. This situation is what is causing my growing disdain for some of my favorite “Linux and open source” pdcasts. I really dont have a problem with a podcaster accepting a sponsor or two or three or how ever many they want! Put that crap at the end of the show! Dont spend the frist 15-20 minutes of a 1 hour show talking about all your sponsors and your patreon, then spend the next 10-15 minutes doing stupid banter talking about what you did last week, what you ate for breakfast before the show, how your aunt in Keokuk, IA is doing good except for her boil on leg and general back and forth with your cohosts. Thats 50% of crap that your listeners, who liked your content enough to download your entire back catalog, dont care about. We all have to make money to survive and and I dont mind anybody accepting money to produce a podcast. But so many people get into it thinking that they are going to be huge and make a ton of money and quit their job. After all nowadays if you podcast you are a celebrity! And that is destroying podcasting. Mankinds love for money destroys everything that it needs to survive.

Back to the subject

There are many more apps that Mastodon and PeerTube that make up the Fediverse with more and more coming all the time. There is Pixelfed, Hubzilla, Mobilzzon, Pleroma, Plume, WriteFreely,Freindica, Diaspora, etc etc. Just take a look at Fediverse Party. But the biggest problem I see with the Fediverse is marketing. There is literally nobody doing it outside of Mawstodon. I think what it needs is a good podcast. One that does tutorials, news and education of the advantagges of the what the Fediverse can do and what you can do with it. I was asking on Hubzilla if anybody knew of a podcast for Hubzilla and RockyIII commented that I had created the centric podcast for Hubzilla, lol. I really dont know about that. I can and will include the Fediverse stuff into The Self Hosted Podcast but I had intended that podcast to be all about what you can do with Yunohost. But on second thought it does sound like that’s what I should do. So I will am going to start mixing this stuff into The Self Hosted Podcast. I am no expert on any of them and can only speak on what I am learning as I go.