Ep6 How to Take Back Control

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 12, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep6 How to take back control Download Here How to take back control https://switching.social/guide-to-switching/ First we need to look at what we need to replace to rid our lives of these companies. 1. Communication/Email/Chat/Conferancing 2. Office/Doc/Colaboration 3. File storage/Sharing 4. News 5. Social Networking 6. Education 7. Entertainment To truly get rid of Google you will need to replace your Android phone! More on this towards the end. These can all be covered using some ethical and free companies such as Framasoft.
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Ep5 Getting Back Control

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 11, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep5 Getting Back Control Download Here I’m gonna be totally honest with you. I didnt really think the course of this podcast through before starting it. I got excited when I found out about Yunohost and went totally ADD thinking that people have to know about this distro! I just hit record and started talking without thinking. I didnt put any kind of structure into it or really any kind of planning.
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Ep4 The Internet Cube

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 4, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep4 The Internet Cube Download Mp3 #### Rethinking the direction of the podcast I’ve been doing some major thinking about the direction of where I want to take this podcast. I was listening to one of the episodes as I usually do. Us podcasters do that alot. Listen to ourselves in order to critique our abililites. We’re not really that self important, we are are our worst and toughest critics.
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Ep3 Why You Should Know DNS

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 3, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep3 Why You Should Know DNS Download Mp3 I love the artwork for this episode! And I just had to use it when I saw it. It was created by @aleks@cybre.space. I’ve also ran across a couple of memes that I cant stop laughing at. I’ll be using those in future episodes as well. The cat is out of the bag and people are discovering the podcast. So if you are new, well I guess at this point everybody is new, lol.
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Ep2 Choosing Yunohost and The Fediverse

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 2, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep2 Choosing Yunohost and The Fediverse Download Episode #### What it is If you’ve ever messed with Linux you have undoubtedly experienced the dreaded (but fun) thing called “distro hopping”. Where you constantly download and install tons of different distros and use them to see what they are like and how well they run. Hell you may be running 3-4 of them on a pc at any given time.
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Ep1 Six Questions

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 1, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep1 Six Questions Download Mp3 Who, what, where, when, why and how. Who am I? Greetings! If this is the first time you’ve ever ran across me I am Unkle Bonehead and welcome to the Self Hosted Podcast, a journey into taking control of your data and entering the Fediverse. It’s not only my journey but it just might be yours as well. Why? Because large corporations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc have your data in their control.
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Yunohst Post Intall

By Unkle Bonehead |  Jul 27, 2019  | self-hosting, tutorial
The step called “post-installation” is actually the initial configuration of YunoHost. It has to be done just after the installation of the system itself. You can do it from through ssh, directly on the server or through a web browser. The browser is what I did because it is the easiest for people like me. Who dont know what they are doing. Post-Installation The step called “post-installation” is actually the initial configuration of YunoHost.
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Installing Yunohost

By Unkle Bonehead |  Jul 21, 2019  | self-hosting, tutorial
Talking about and installing Yunohost. I used virtualbox instead of an actual machine but the process is the same. Step1 - Make coffee Step2 - Download the correct iso for your machine Step3 - Install
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