Ep12 Hubzilla and More News

By Unkle Bonehead |  Oct 11, 2019  | hubzilla, yunohost
Download untracked Mp3 here There is a video that I recorded for this to show Hubzilla. I will post it tomarrow in it’s own post. Preroll Quick bit of news and then we play with Hubzilla. Right here on episode 12 of The Self Hosted Podcast! Housekeeping Yunohost has been upgraded to along with Yunohost Admin panel. It is now at 3.6.5. Nextcloud-ynh has also been updated to 15.
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Ep11 News and Updates

By Unkle Bonehead |  Oct 9, 2019  | self-hosting
Download untracked Mp3 here I’m back! Now with a redneck, tricked out Frankenputer latop. But its powered by KDENeon and backedup by Yunohost. It’s episode 11 and I got some news, opinions and updates for you right here, right now on The Self Hosted Podcast. Housekeeping My laptop broke. Thats why I’ve been silent. But I was able to jerry rig it enough that its usable. I’ll post pics or you can go see them on Mastodon.
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Ep10 Communication on Yunohost

By Unkle Bonehead |  Sep 8, 2019  | self-hosting
Download Mp3 Pre-roll The last couple of weeks I’ve seen on these message signs over the highways the phrase “Turn signals-the original instant message”. And the talk on the CB radio was hilarious as you can imagine. But the one thing all of us truck drivers agree on is that the turn signal is not the original instant messsage. It’s the middle finger. And speaking of instant messenges this is Ep10:Communication on Yunohost right here, right now on The Self Hosted Podcast.
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Ep9Getting Help with Your Yunohost

By Unkle Bonehead |  Sep 1, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep 9 Download Mp3 Download two songs from me for free! CC4.0! Play them in your podcast if you have one! Hammer On Down Work It Out Pre Roll I was at a TA truckstop earlier this week. And they had a Verizon kiosk inside and there was actually a Verizon employee there. I may have jokingly asked him if he had any phones that didnt have ios or android on them.
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How I record my Podcasts

By Unkle Bonehead |  Sep 1, 2019  | self-hosting, podcasting, tutorial
To be honest, this should be a “Dont drink and vidcast” video. I may or may not have had a couple of beers before recording this. This how I record all of my podcasts, whether I’m at home in the studio or on the road in the truck. The process and apps are all the same.
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Ep8 Commit2Quit

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 25, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep8 Commit2Quit Download Here Housekeeping It seems that this podcasts goal has already been achieved. It has inspired 2 people to start self hosting. I got a couple of notifications on Mastodon that one is researching on how to self host on bsd and the other actually installed Yunohost! Thats frickin AWESOME! CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU! And I sincerely hope it works out for each your situations. Especially the one doing it on bsd.
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Ep7 Securering Your Yunohost Server

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 18, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep7 Security Download Mp3 Housekeeping I just recorded episode 4 of The Self Hosted Vidcast. I uninstalled Wordpress and showed how to install a static html site on Yunohost. Bonehead Media is back to being a simple static html site. It’s only got 2 pages that I built in Bootstrap Studio. I’ll flesh it out more in the future. I would like to turn it into a theme for Pelican or Hugo and post the shownotes to the front page.
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Ep6 How to Take Back Control

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 12, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep6 How to take back control Download Here How to take back control https://switching.social/guide-to-switching/ First we need to look at what we need to replace to rid our lives of these companies. 1. Communication/Email/Chat/Conferancing 2. Office/Doc/Colaboration 3. File storage/Sharing 4. News 5. Social Networking 6. Education 7. Entertainment To truly get rid of Google you will need to replace your Android phone! More on this towards the end. These can all be covered using some ethical and free companies such as Framasoft.
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