Why is My Snake Plant Yellowing?

Having yellow leaves in your snake plant yellowing isn’t good and you want to fix it as quickly as possible. There are a number of reasons why a plant can turn yellow that are related to the care and conditions it is receiving.

What does a healthy snake plant look like?

Most commonly, the problem is that the plant hasn’t received enough water. The plant will become stressed when it doesn’t receive sufficient water and the result is that a nutrient deficiency occurs which will cause the leaves to begin to change color to yellow.

If the plant is deprived of nutrients for too long, it will eventually die. This is why you need to be vigilant and monitor the soil to ensure it has the right amount of nutrients in it. The simplest way to correct this is by using a fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen.

Another reason that a snake plant can begin to show yellow leaves is due to sunburn. This can occur if the plant is placed in a window that receives direct sunlight all day. If this is the case, you should move it to a shadier location.

Lastly, the snake plant can also begin to show yellow leaves if it is grown in an overly large pot that does not have proper drainage. This is a very common issue that can be avoided by making sure that the snake plant has enough room in its container and ensuring that the soil is well-draining.

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