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TSHP-Ep-17 Epic News

By |  Nov 16, 2019  | fediverse, peertube, funkwhale, writefreely
Download Mp3 This episode is brought to you by NixNet where freedom is served with a slice of liberty. Pre Roll Recording on the run, a whole bunch of super exciting news in the Fediverse and a whole lot more coming up on episode 17 of The Self Hosted Podcast! Banter This episode will be out the week of November 17th. By the end of this week this podcast will have well over 1000 downloads on Anchor.
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Ep16 LimeSurvey and being dealt a shitty day

By |  Nov 6, 2019  | fediverse, yunohost, limesurvey
Download Mp3 Big update since the recording! new contact email is unklebonehead@nixnet.email News Massive exodus of India’s Twitter moved to Mastodon - This is a bull shit quote from the article. >While many have hailed Mastodon as a great alternative to Twitter, some have pointed out that its not as easy to use, which means its unlikely that Mastodon is going to take over - even in the long term.
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TSHP-Ep15 This is some scary s**t

By |  Nov 1, 2019  | fedinews, linux, yunohost
Download Mp3 News Links Yunohost 3.7 Testing asking for feedback We just released a new testing version for YunoHost and would be happy to receive feedback before releasing it as a stable version :yum: This release includes quite important changes in YunoHost’s internal, and therefore requires careful validation to minimize the amount of remaining bugs. Major changes are: - Group and permission mechanism Improvements to detect app installs that broke critical parts of the system.
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Ep14 Pubcast, WriteFreely and Plume

By |  Oct 27, 2019  | fedinews, writefreely, plume, pubcast
Download Here Music provided by Unfa Follow me across the fediverse! unklebonehead@hzhome.ntroradio.com So I got started on FreeCodeCamp As I mentioned in a blog post last week I want to learn how to code. Mainly so I can understand the topics I am covering here on this podcast and to help me be a better self hoster but I would love to get a new job where I am home a lot more than just 34 hrs a week.
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By |  Oct 19, 2019  | tshp, fedinews
Download Mp3 PreRoll Advert - This episode is brought to you by The Fediverse. The Fediverse is a collection of nearly 40 decentralized apps that can connect with each other. You can join or even host an instance yourself on your own server. More than just social networks they cover just about everything from blogging to cloud storage. PeerTube, Plume, FunkWhale Visit Fediverse Party to learn more today!
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Ep12 Hubzilla and More News

By Unkle Bonehead |  Oct 11, 2019  | hubzilla, yunohost
Download untracked Mp3 here There is a video that I recorded for this to show Hubzilla. I will post it tomarrow in it’s own post. Preroll Quick bit of news and then we play with Hubzilla. Right here on episode 12 of The Self Hosted Podcast! Housekeeping Yunohost has been upgraded to along with Yunohost Admin panel. It is now at 3.6.5. Nextcloud-ynh has also been updated to 15.
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Ep11 News and Updates

By Unkle Bonehead |  Oct 9, 2019  | self-hosting
Download untracked Mp3 here I’m back! Now with a redneck, tricked out Frankenputer latop. But its powered by KDENeon and backedup by Yunohost. It’s episode 11 and I got some news, opinions and updates for you right here, right now on The Self Hosted Podcast. Housekeeping My laptop broke. Thats why I’ve been silent. But I was able to jerry rig it enough that its usable. I’ll post pics or you can go see them on Mastodon.
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Ep10 Communication on Yunohost

By Unkle Bonehead |  Sep 8, 2019  | self-hosting
Download Mp3 Pre-roll The last couple of weeks I’ve seen on these message signs over the highways the phrase “Turn signals-the original instant message”. And the talk on the CB radio was hilarious as you can imagine. But the one thing all of us truck drivers agree on is that the turn signal is not the original instant messsage. It’s the middle finger. And speaking of instant messenges this is Ep10:Communication on Yunohost right here, right now on The Self Hosted Podcast.
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Ep9Getting Help with Your Yunohost

By Unkle Bonehead |  Sep 1, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep 9 Download Mp3 Download two songs from me for free! CC4.0! Play them in your podcast if you have one! Hammer On Down Work It Out Pre Roll I was at a TA truckstop earlier this week. And they had a Verizon kiosk inside and there was actually a Verizon employee there. I may have jokingly asked him if he had any phones that didnt have ios or android on them.
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Ep8 Commit2Quit

By Unkle Bonehead |  Aug 25, 2019  | self-hosting
Ep8 Commit2Quit Download Here Housekeeping It seems that this podcasts goal has already been achieved. It has inspired 2 people to start self hosting. I got a couple of notifications on Mastodon that one is researching on how to self host on bsd and the other actually installed Yunohost! Thats frickin AWESOME! CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU! And I sincerely hope it works out for each your situations. Especially the one doing it on bsd.
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