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By |  Mar 10, 2020  | trucking-news
News Links HOS Regs Suspended for COVID-19 Response Truck collides with Airplane COVID-19 Cancels and Delays Trucking Events Music by Unfa
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TN S2Ep1 Welcome Home, Drivers

By |  Jan 29, 2020  | funkwhale, fediverse, trucking
Download Mp3 PreRoll Welcome back to TruckinNutz! It’s season 2, with the same dude, same ideas but now with more Freedom! What I’ve been doing since I last talked to you I did record 3 episodes of Break19 Podcast with the boys. It was fun and we really wanted to do more but trying to get 4 drivers all together to actually record a high quality audio/video podcast together is a real pain in the ass.
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Bringing It Back

By |  Jan 19, 2020  | truckinnutz
So I’ve been perusing the analytics over at And while the show TruckinNutz hasnt had a new episode since April of 2019 it is still getting quite a bit of downloads. So I am going to bring it back but you will have to wait for awhile. It will be part of my testing with the new Funkwhale podcasting features along with The NTROradio Podcast. TruckinNutz will not just be about Truck driving and the industry.
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Huge Update

By |  Jun 30, 2019  | podcast
This is huge. I mean super big huge! So I am actually putting my money where my mouth is. I’ve been loathing the bull shit of Google, Facebook, Youtube and prettty much every large corporate giants out there that want to use its “users” as products to sell to their advertisers and shareholders. So I went and did it. But all in on this thing this time. I’ve embraced the “self hosting” concept and am running everything myself right down to the email.
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Truckinnutz Is on Hiatus

By |  Jun 16, 2019  | truckinnutz
Another quick update is that I have put TruckinNutz on hiatus for a unknown amount of time. I have started a new podcast with the boys of Trucker Nation, USA called Break 19 Podcast. We have esentially merged the two together and have already recorded a couple of episodes. We intended it to be available as a videocast but I think we will end up just making it a good old fashioned audio podcast since the first couple of episodes have already turned out to be audio.
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01 25 19 Pretrip Pt2 The Approach

By |  Jan 27, 2019  | podcast
As I said in the intro this is just how I do it. Some of you might do it differently but this is the way I was taught. I’ve seen a lot of old timers do it this as well. And it also kinda helps with the eld since you have to show 7-12 minutes doing a pre trip. Here is my steps as if I am on the road for the week already.
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01 18 19 Quit Hating on Anchor

By |  Jan 27, 2019  | trukinnutz
Why do people start a podcast? Some do it because its fun to talk. Others do it because there is subject that are passionate about and cant stop talking about it. But more and more I’m finding people starting podcasts with the intention of making money from that podcast. And I want to talk to you. Please, for the love of god. Stop! Podcasting started out as just people sharing on the internet.
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01 18 19 Pretrip Pt1

By |  Jan 27, 2019  | truckinnutz
Let’s start with a question. What is the most important thing on the truck? YOU! Why? Because you are important. Your family is depending on you. Your customers are depending on you. The general public is depending on you. You need to look at it as part of your job. Can you safely operate that 40 ton truck? Are you sick? Feel like throwing up? Don’t drive. Are you tired?
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01 17 19 Dont Do This in Your Car

By |  Jan 27, 2019  | truckinnutz
Today I talk about 5 things people do in a car around big trucks that can end up with deadly consequences. And no thats not a click bait headline. These things are very important to know Dont pull in front of a truck only to make a left turn Dont Slow down to pass/speed up when being passed. Maintain your speed. Dont Pass only to slow down in front/pace truck from the front/”keep that driver from speeding”
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