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Pound for Pound

By |  Jun 16, 2019  | break19
Audio only player at bottom of post Another audio only episode. But I did throw in some extra footage I shot a couple years ago while driving Clifford for the Youtube viewers. Plus this episode was greatly improved. Now contains MORE WOLFIE! You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify as well as where ever free podcasts are sold! Email us at break19podcast@gmail.com
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Break19 Podcast Anybody Got a Copy

By |  Jun 16, 2019  |
Audio only player at bottom of post Man sues parents for getting rid of huge porno collection. Mrs Bonehead submitted this. www.wthr.com/article/man-sues-parents-getting-rid-his-vast-porn-collection-1 Social media users flocked to Pornhub during major Facebook, Instagram outages www.theblaze.com/news/pornhub-traffic-surce-during-facebook-outage 71% of Drivers Take Photos of Roadway Emergencies www.automotive-fleet.com/328847/71-of-drivers-take-photos-of-roadway-emergencies Phone Addicts Worse Threat Than Drunk Drivers, Study Finds www.automotive-fleet.com/329295/phone-addicts-worse-threat-than-drunk-drivers-study-finds Driver Awarded $80 Million www.truckersnews.com/driver-award-80m-in-false-log-accident-suit/ DOT’s hours of service proposal listed for early June publication
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