Certified Breathing Coach Training

Breathwork is a powerful, accessible and often overlooked healing modality for coaches, teachers, healers and anyone seeking to connect with their heart-mind-body’s built in capacity for healing and growth. During this training you will learn the tools and support to guide your clients, students, friends and family through conscious connected breathwork practices they can do anywhere. They don’t need any fancy equipment – they will just need a quiet place to sit and your undivided attention.

In this course you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of certified breathing coach and modern breathing techniques and understand their benefits and applications. You will also learn about the anatomy of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and how different breathwork techniques affect those systems. Guidance on creating customized breathwork sessions for different client needs is provided along with techniques for supporting emotional release and promoting balance.

Certified Breathing Coach: Your Path to Professional Practice

You will learn how to safely and effectively guide your clients, students and friends through breathwork, a process that can range from gentle and enlightening to ecstatic and transformative. You will also be guided in how to create a nurturing space to help others connect with their breath and witness their journey of awakening. The coaching skills you will learn will allow you to become a transformational breathwork coach, facilitating profound shifts in the lives of those who you serve. It will also help you deepen your own personal experience of breathwork and support the evolution of the healing breathwork community.

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