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IPQS is an industry-leading fraud prevention platform that offers device fingerprinting, email verification, phone number validation, payment screening, and risk scoring. It helps businesses protect their websites from bots, phishing, spoofed devices and accounts, and stolen or leaked user data. The solution is available in a wide range of plans, from free to enterprise-level packages. It provides APIs that allow developers to integrate IPQS with their applications. Read more: reviews

Customer Testimonials: IPQS in Action

The suite of anti-fraud tools offered by IPQS can help you detect and prevent click fraud, affiliate fraud, and other forms of ad fraud that waste billions in advertiser budgets each year. It also prevents fraudulent user activity that causes chargebacks, account takeovers, phishing, fake account creation, and other security issues.

The software solution can accurately identify residential proxies, VPN connections, TOR nodes, and other types of network tunnels that allow users to hide their true locations. It can also validate and verify phone numbers while retrieving a combination of carrier, line type, and reputation analysis data. IPQS can also detect emulators and spoofed devices that other providers often miss. It is designed to deliver better accuracy rates at less cost compared to similar solutions. It can also be customized to fit your business needs and audience. It can be integrated into your web site and mobile apps with a simple API call to deliver real-time risk analysis. It can even be used to detect suspicious links and parked or hijacked domains.

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