Astrocartography and Your Money Line

Astrocartography, sometimes called “relocation astrology,” is an approach to natal astrology that takes into account your birthplace to find the best places for you to travel or move to. It’s based on the idea that different areas have special energies, and those energies can be helpful or challenging depending on your needs at a particular time in life.

Astrocartography money line  standard world map is overlayed with lines for each planet, and the locations that hit those curves are considered “hot spots”—places where your energy is strongest. It’s a bit like palmistry, but with much more intel on your personality and potential for success.

“Following the Money Trail: Exploring Your Astrocartography Money Line

If you’re near the Jupiter line, for example, it means you have celestial boons for writing, communication, and business in general. Traveling to tradeshows or pitching ideas in this area may give you major luck, and you’ll have no problem making friends there as long as you don’t get too ego-centric.

However, the planet lines exert the same kind of themes and influences that a birth chart does, which can make it tricky to interpret on your own. And although it’s easy enough to find a free astrocartography chart online and see where your planet lines hit, if you want more in-depth readings, it’s usually best to get an expert reading. An astrocartographer like Pati Carlson will use a combination of mapping techniques with your natal chart to help you identify the places that have a good vibe for work, love and a happy home life.

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