Developing Project Playgrounds

A playground is a little like the bastard child of architecture, art and urban planning: They’re frequently underfunded, misunderstood and sometimes bulldozed. But that doesn’t mean they’re without value, or even meaningless.This link :

Developing a project playground takes time, creativity and hard work. The goal is to WOW children and encourage them to play for as long as possible in an engaging, safe environment that builds physical, creative, cognitive and social/emotional skills. The design also needs to be easy for parents to navigate, with a clear layout and clearly marked equipment.

The first step is to decide what type of playground you want and how much money you have available. Then, if you’re looking for grant funding, begin researching potential sources and submitting applications. Be sure to submit stand-out proposals that are highly specific and include a well-thought-out, detailed budget.

Project Playgrounds: Transforming Spaces for Fun and Learning

Other things to consider before you get started include the weather conditions around your site. If the sun is beating down throughout the day, a playground will be too hot to enjoy for most children. Also, look for nearby features like restrooms and picnic areas.

Once the site is selected, it’s important to call utility companies to have them mark any underground lines or give you the all-clear before digging starts. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting a line that could be dangerous for kids or adults later on. You’ll also need to examine the soil and determine if it needs any improvements.

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