Is It Legal to Buy Shrooms Online?

Shrooms Online

With an Oakland psychedelic mushroom church reopening last year and a psilocybin cup to rank the city’s best strains, it seems like more local mushroom sellers are popping up online. But despite a recent drop in governmental scrutiny, selling these drugs online still remains illegal at the state and federal level. This link

The mushroom is a fungus that contains the psychoactive chemical psilocybin. People take mushrooms to have an altered state of consciousness, often described as a “trip.” The length and intensity of the trip depends on how much is taken and how strong the mushrooms are. A small dose might make someone drowsy or relaxed, while higher doses might cause hallucinations or create a distorted sense of reality. In rare cases, consuming too large of a dose can lead to a more serious mental health condition called psychosis.

Exploring the Online Frontier: A Consumer’s Guide to Safely Purchasing Shrooms on the Internet

It’s possible to buy psilocybin mushrooms online, though the process is risky and should be done only by experienced users who know how to prepare the mushrooms properly. If you’re considering trying mushrooms for the first time, start with a smaller dose and be prepared for potential side effects like nausea and dry mouth.

If you’re in a legal area, you can try buying mushrooms at a cannabis dispensary that offers them as a gift or look for psilocybin guided therapy programs with research institutions. But even though these options are starting to pop up in more areas, they’re still not very common and shouldn’t be considered a safe or reliable way to buy psilocybin.

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