Health Optimisation Devices For Chronic Heart Failure

When people adopt a health optimization mindset, they are focused on improving and enhancing their baseline level of healthy living. They go beyond preventive medicine and instead focus on how to become their best selves, both physically and mentally. More info:bodybud.co.uk

Health Optimisation devices deliver targeted protocols that help patients achieve their optimal level of healthy living. This is achieved by a series of high-impact lifestyle tweaks combined with medically approved optimizing Homeostasis technology that specifically stimulates the body’s self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms.

Chronic Heart Failure

Symptoms of heart failure can diminish the quality of life, making daily tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, or playing with kids or grandkids more difficult. Impulse Dynamics developed the Optimizer Smart and Optimizer Smart Mini with Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) therapy, which is designed to increase the strength of the heart’s contractions, allowing patients to live their lives fully again.

The device is implanted into a pocket in the upper chest, along with commercially available pacemaker leads, while the patient is under light sedation. After implantation, the physician customizes and activates the device for each patient. The device is charged one hour per week and is expected to last for 20 years or longer. CCM therapy has been shown to improve the 6-minute hall walk distance, quality of life, and functional status for NYHA class III CHF patients who remain symptomatic despite guideline-directed medical treatment and are not eligible for traditional cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). This is a first-of-its-kind therapy alternative for a select population of heart failure patients.

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