Cool Places to Visit in Illinois

When most people think about attractions in Illinois, Chicago immediately comes to mind. But the state’s largest city is just one of many cool places to visit in this midwestern region of America. From flowing cornfields to metropolitan cities, Illinois has a diverse array of attractions that appeal to every type of traveler. The Windy City features top restaurants, a dazzling skyline and lots of cultural venues. Outside the city, visitors can find gorgeous state parks, breathtaking bluffs and plenty of recreational activities that revolve around Lake Michigan.

What are three tourist attractions in Illinois?

Chicago’s Navy Pier is a prime spot to get a bird’s-eye view of the city and its beautiful harbor. The pier also offers great shopping, museums and dining. A trip to the area isn’t complete without a stop at the massive Ferris wheel on the pier. The Chicago harbor lighthouse can be spotted from the pier, but it’s better to take a boat tour of the area and then head over to the pier for a chance to see the illuminating landmark close-up.

If you want to get a better sense of the Midwest’s history and culture, check out the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. It features a wide array of exhibits that help to explain the life of one of the country’s most famous presidents. If you’re a fan of Superman, be sure to stop by the city of Metropolis and check out the incredible Super Museum.

For a chance to connect with nature, there are few cool places to visit in Illinois like Shawnee National Forest. The park features a unique earthen display known as the Effigy Tumuli, which is a tribute to Native American burial mounds. The tumuli contains five clay sculptures that represent a snack, frog, catfish, turtle and water strider.

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