How to Clean a Watch

If your watch has a metal case, you can clean it with warm soapy water. This should be done regularly as it will keep your watch free of dirt, grime, and unwanted odors.

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To clean a fabric watch band, first wipe away any surface dirt with a cloth that is lint-free and soft. Using the cloth too hard could cause scratching of the watch’s finish. A toothbrush is also a great tool to use for getting into the joins and crevices of a stainless steel bracelet. After washing, be sure to rinse thoroughly. Leaving soap on the metal surface can leave a dull appearance and may allow tarnish to form. URL :

Next, prepare a solution of equal parts vinegar and water in a small bowl. Dip a soft, clean cloth into the solution and wring it out so that the cloth is only slightly damp. Gently rub the entire surface of the watch strap in a circular motion, paying particular attention to any extra dirty areas. Once cleaned, dry the watch strap thoroughly with a fresh cloth.

If you are looking to clean a mechanical watch, removing the face and disassembling the movement is a more involved process and requires specialized knowledge. It is best to take your watch to a professional jeweler for this.

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