Gym Clothing Brands

gym clothing brands

Whether you want to up your game in the gym clothing brands or just be comfortable and stylish on off-days, you’ll need a pair of workout clothes that do the job well. Brands like Gymshark, Fabletics and New Balance are known for their sweat-wicking, stretchy and lightweight fabrics that help you reach your maximum potential in the gym and beyond.

Then there’s Nike and Adidas, who are able to create the latest, most innovative sportswear using various performance fabrics, improved functionality, and a commitment to sustainability that sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Besides the big players, there are some smaller gym clothing brands that make it into people’s wardrobes for their quality and aesthetics.

Nike: Known for their performance-driven apparel, Nike offers a vast selection of gym clothing for women

Australian brand Elite Eleven is one such example, with its tight-fitting singlets and tees, alongside shorts and joggers that you’ll happily be seen wearing out and about in town. Similarly, US-based brand 2XU uses compression materials to multiply human performance, and offers shoes and clothing in a wide range of sizes and widths to cater for all shapes and fitness levels.

UK-based retailer Asos is also worth checking out, as its collection of gym wear includes everything you need to get your sweat on, from leggings and tees to vests and tank tops. Then there’s the aforementioned Fabletics, which was founded by Kate Hudson and offers women-specific workout gear in styles that are both functional and flattering. Finally, there’s the eco-friendly Allbirds, which is dedicated to creating footwear and apparel from sustainable fabrics and processes.

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