Counter Rotating Brush Machine For Sale

counter rotating brush machine for sale

Are you looking for a counterĀ  rotating brush machine for sale for sale that will help you clean both carpets and hard surfaces? This scrubbing machine is built with stainless steel that will pick up water and dirt on any surface, including tile and grout, natural stone, concrete, PVC, rubber floors and mats, profiled floors and non-slip floors.

Cleaning Carpets

The bristles of a CBR rejuvenate matted carpet pile that the vacuum cannot reach, and it scrubs pretreat chemicals into every fiber. It also removes pet and human hair, dust, and other debris that the vacuum can’t catch. It’s even great for scrubbing pre-spray chemicals on carpets before you use hot water extraction!

Where to Find the Best Deals on Counter Rotating Brush Machines for Your Business

The agitator on a counter rotating brush machine will scrub encapsulation chemicals and remove dry compound before you start the hot water extraction. This type of scrubbing is safe for your customers‘ health and will not damage the carpet fibers if used properly with the right brushes for each application.

Using the correct brushes for each application is the key to ensuring that your CRB machine will be able to remove soils and particulates from carpet fibers without damaging them. Each model will come with different brushes to select from.

New brushes must be broken in before using them on the carpet. This is typically done by running the brushes on wet “sidewalk” concrete for 2 minutes to dull them and then performing the procedure again after they’ve been rotated.

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