What is a CRB Carpet Cleaner?

crb carpet cleaner

A crb carpet cleaner | TMF Store is a great way to clean your floors and is an efficient and professional method of cleaning. These machines use counter rotating brushes that agitate and lift dirt, debris, and other particulates from your carpet fibers. CRB machines also help to reduce the amount of water used during cleaning.

The crb machine o’ the ts and ms (oh my)

A CRB is an all-in-one cleaning machine that can perform multiple functions, from vacuuming to steaming and rinsing. These machines are designed to be durable, efficient, and affordable. They can be purchased for commercial or residential uses, and are often the best choice for small business owners and start-ups looking to enter the cleaning industry.

Why You Should Add a CRB Carpet Cleaner to Your Cleaning Arsenal

The TM5 20 CRB is the ultimate in floor care efficiency and performance. It has dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that agitate and lift a multitude of floor coverings while breaking up soiling and debris in the process. This Austrian built machine is a great way to demonstrate your skills in the cleaning game and is a must have for any serious floor care professional.

In addition to its scrubbing capabilities, this is the first rotary scrubbing machine on the market that combines both carpet and hard floor cleaning in one unit. The TM5 is available in either a 10″ or 15″ width and is capable of handling all types of surface material from carpet to tile and grout.

The TM5 is a high-tech, state-of-the-art tool that can be used in various applications such as encapsulation, dry compound and carpet shampooing to name but a few. It is a real powerhouse of a machine that can be used in conjunction with our other top of the line cleaning products to produce superior results.

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