Can Native Americans Grow Beards?

Can Native Americans Grow Beards

You may have noticed that Native Americans are not known for having beards. Interestingly, their skin and bodies are hairless and lean. The lack of facial hair is not due to lack of health but rather due to culture and genetics. While most Native Americans are devoid of facial hair, some have allowed their facial hair to grow and keep it. In some cultures, it is considered an omen of a man’s strength and power.

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Though some Native Americans do grow beards, others opt for a clean shaven look. While some Native Americans grow beards, the facial hair is usually thin and inconspicuous and not visible. Hence, it is very difficult to determine whether a native American is a beard grower or not.

Native Americans grow beards according to their family race and genetics. The beard growth hormone testosterone stimulates facial hair growth. This hormone is produced by all humans, including Native Americans. However, some people think that African and Asian Americans have thicker beards than their native counterparts. This diversity is due to the diversity of the human race.

There are several reasons why Native Americans do not have beards. One of them is their cultural tradition. Many of them use makeshift methods to pluck beard hair. By doing so, they reduced the number of hair follicles in the beard, which prevented them from growing. Source –

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