The Number of Temporary Workers in France in January 2022

temporary workers in france

The number of temporary workers in France rose 14.0% in January 2022, according to the Prism’Emploi association. This is the second consecutive month of growth. The association cites an increase in economic activity as well as the need for replacement employees, due to omicron variant. Temporary employment rose in the sector of commerce (24.2%), services (20.6%), and industry (6.4%), while it decreased in the construction sector (0.4%). Find out –

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In the lead-up to Brexit, the French president has chosen to blame cheap Eastern European temporary labour for the country’s woes. The EU must set minimum wage levels for posted workers, and France is not able to do much about this. The answer, in his view, lies in a change to the posting worker directive, which Macron has recently called for. But French nationalists are not happy about the idea of ceding more power to the European Union.

The right to work in France depends on your citizenship. Citizens of the EU and the EEA/EFTA are free to enter France without any problems, but non-EU citizens need to obtain a work permit. However, there are still ways to work in France, so make sure to do your research. You can also work for a French company that is willing to sponsor you. But be careful when signing employment contracts. While they may seem straightforward, they can be very complex. Make sure to get a contract in writing before signing anything. It is also advisable to make sure to ask questions before signing anything. In France, you have the right to have the contract translated into your language, but the French version will still be the legally recognized one.

Occupational health policy is the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor. The agency will investigate any safety complaints made by an employee. It also oversees the work environment and investigates them. During the pandemic, the Ministry of Labor has issued rules for the use of temporary workers. These rules have a lot of nuances and are based on individual circumstances. But, if you’re in the right job, they can help you find the right job.

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